Watermelon sleeves are the sine qua non of the new season, attracting all the attention and showing themselves in both romantic and feminine styles.

Fashion trends sometimes look like someone who misses her ex and tries to get back to her with all her romanticism. It changes and transforms over time, creating its own new version, but the essence remains the same. However, when it comes to fashion, the term olmaz no more than Ex next disappears. It is not a day that one of the old-fashioned trends does not appear as a brand new trend.

The leading fashion trends of 2019 were inspired by this idea. Modernized versions of the most remarkable pieces of the 80s found their place in both spring / summer creations and autumn / winter season. Imagine the fashion trends of the 80s, engraved with all the madness and absurdity; colorful tights, permed hair, exaggerated make-up, fallen shoulders, large shoulders supported by collared pads, watermelon arms, high waist trousers… We don't know whether we will experience this carnival atmosphere of the 80s or not. the dominant parts never make us forget ourselves. Watermelon sleeve fashion is the most remarkable among them in the new season.

Watermelon sleeve designs are adapted to many clothes from jackets to blouses, jumpsuits and clothes in the new season. Don't bend your nose to this fashion that comes back again because you can't carry it on you or it is very contrary to your style. Because the magical touch of the watermelon arm details from time to time, while a romantic and naive appearance, while confident, strong, perhaps a little domineering but quite feminine line. This shoulder detail, especially in tight-fitting cocktail dresses that surround the body, is likely to be a favorite for winter invitations.

Combined recommendations

Keep in mind that you can create a great look with the right combinations before approaching designs with watermelon arms. When you combine the key pieces you use in your combinations with the right clothes, you get a stylish look. So, how can we adapt this ambitious part to our combined combinations? Whether it's for day or night style, let's give a very useful tip in watermelon sleeve designs; Let it be the star part of your boiler and complement other clothes and accessories quite plainly.

To give a few examples: By combining watermelon sleeved blouses with jeans and sneakers or booties, you can get a smart casual look and look like a tight follower of street fashion. Again for everyday style, you can try using watermelon sleeved sweaters with mini skirts. This will give you a younger and more energetic feel.

For a more formal look, you can create a cool and confident style by choosing your shirts that are the only accompaniment of cigarette pants in business life, from watermelon sleeve designs. As you can see, the legacy of the 80s, which has inherited us and even left its mark on the 1980s, is a fluffy, broad shoulders that date back to the 1800s, and in fact, takes place in the new season as a simple and influential style.

Style tips

Combining your watermelon sleeve blouse and dresses with inconspicuous accessories to create a romantic look. Small earrings and a fine chain necklace or medallion create a nice look and make your style simple yet elegant.
Watermelon sleeves draws attention to the shoulders because your hair is short or you should use to collect. This prevents your neck area from appearing short.
If you want to break the nostalgic look of such designs, try using the contrasts and get a more modern look by using pieces like leather or jeans.
For a classic style, you can complement the watermelon sleeve tops with pencil skirts and knee-length trousers that end up below the knee.
On the way to an evening invitation, you can wear a black jumpsuit with one shoulder open, with a watermelon sleeve instead of a classic little black dress. You can pull all the attention to yourself by completing your hair with a high-heeled shoe, picking it from the top by making your ponytail.
Make sure the watermelon sleeve design you choose makes your waist slim, so that your body contours look harmonious. Wide shoulders and a thin waistline emphasize your feminine body lines.

Tight-cut, cocktail dress design with watermelon sleeves must be completed with stiletto yani that is, high-heeled shoes. This way you can create the image of a strong and sexy woman.

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