The marin style, which is the timeless trend of the summer months, is renewed with pieces that designers bring together with a modern interpretation every year. The theme of this theme, which always offers functional and stylish pieces in the summer, dates back to the 1800s. Uniforms designed for French sailors at that time also form the basis of today's marin style. In the following years, Coco Chanel seems to have added an innovative perspective to the marin style by combining striped patterns with masked pieces. Inspired by the sailor uniform, breton patterned blouses were one of the most important style pieces of the famous designer. The transverse breton tops are still considered the most important details of the marin style. In 1966, the famous French designer Yves Saint Laurent de marin drew attention with all the details of the style in his collection. Another designer, Sonia Rykiel, won the title of Kral Queen of Knits ile for her knitted sweaters. Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn were among the followers of this classic trend.

The sine qua non of this style is of course red, blue tones and white, which is the favorite color of summer. Recently, the designers' use of many shades of blue has contributed to the different perspectives of this style. Everything with a breton pattern called transverse line forms the basis of this trend. Breton pattern bag, sweater, t-shirt, jacket and skirts, the head of the marin style. Those who want to use this trend in a micro sense are accompanied by marine-style accessories. Necklaces, hats, earrings and shoes are representatives of the marin movement in the summer. You can already add marin-inspired clothes to your wardrobe to keep up with this timeless train that is renewed every summer.

Here are the key parts that you will feel the marin air until your buttonhole and the recommendations of the combination…

Always Style: Breton Tops

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Breton, the transverse lines are considered one of the most popular patterns of the fashion arena. We often see this pattern that comes into our lives with marine uniforms in marin style. Breton sweaters are especially cool in the spring with jeans and skirts. Breton striped t-shirt types are ideal for those who want to arouse interest with timeless elegance. Moreover, these models can be matched to any outfit, creating an advantage. Available in red, white trousers or linen bottom, breton tops are the perfect style.

Sailor Uniform: Yellow Buttoned Jackets

Inspired by the sailor's uniform, the jacket models with gold anchor detailed button, entering the fashion world, are one of the most influential pieces of the marin style. Both flashy and stylish, these models are able to achieve effortless elegance. You can carry the summer breeze on you by using the jackets that can be combined with blue jeans and light trousers in spring and shorts and skirts in summer. Summer evening parties, boat trips and outdoor gatherings are suitable places for this view.

Summer Style: Linen Trousers

White shirts, breton tops and sports blazer jackets are ideal companions of linen trousers.

Linen fabric, which is one of the prominent parts of the sailor theme, is indispensable in summer with its cool structure. Linen trousers offer both comfort and a cool look on warm summer evenings. White shirts, breton tops and sports blazer jackets are ideal companions of linen trousers. In addition to comfortable loafers and espadrilles, leather sandals create a great look with linen trousers. Oversize linen trousers suitable for street fashion are on the radar of those who want to apply the marin style in a cooler line.

Elegant Sailor: Transparent Striped Dresses

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Dresses are the most elegant part of the summer. Marin style also finds itself in the most prominent of the dress models are breton patterned dress options. These models are a symbol of classic elegance; Ballerinas, flat sandals or mini heels can be seen wearing eye-catching. Longer and more shabby models are the choice of those who want to achieve bohemian elegance. The dresses offer perfect harmony with gold jewelery and bring a fresh breeze to the summer evenings.

Marin Style Indispensable: White Trousers

A white trousers made of cotton fabric, which is indispensable for the sailor theme, is a prominent part of the summer season with its ease of combination and fresh appearance. Comfortable molded white pants; You can keep up with this theme by completing it with striped tops, white shirts and a navy blue blazer jacket. Anchor-patterned necklaces and earrings, straw hats, scarves and rope-detailed bags can add details to your combination and emphasize your sailor style. A good selection of vivid red blouse and accessories of the same color to add a dose of white pants to the claim.

Marine Effect in Details: Marine Accessories

You can color your style by wearing a marin effect scarf on your straw hat.
For those who want to keep the marin style in the size of the accessory, there are many options. You can carry your marin style in micro-size with the accessories offered in many forms ranging from gold jewelery to anchor patterned objects, bags with rope detail, epaulettes and materials such as wicker and linen. You can animate a white combi with anchor detailed earrings and complete a striped dress with your rope detailed bag. You can tie a red scarf around your neck or use it as an active accessory in your bag. Straw hats are perfect for adding a different style to the marin style in summer. You can color your style by wearing a marin effect scarf on your straw hat. Gold bracelets in marin colors such as red and navy blue, big rings and rope style rope bracelets will be a good alternative for those who want to carry the sailor theme in summer.

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