Would you like to wake up to a Christmas fairy tale? Take a deep breath and let the magic begin!
I've been chasing the Christmas markets every December for years. Paris, London, Oslo, Prague, Vienna, Copenhagen, Basel, Salzburg, Berlin were all beautiful apart. But there is a region that Christmas time is completely different. If I had to choose the most influenced markets I've ever visited, Alsace would pour out from my memories without thinking.

In one or more points of the city, usually in its most important squares, I will tell you not to enter the Christmas market around the giant Christmas tree, which is likely to be in front of the cathedral, through the glazed gates, and to walk around the temporarily established streets of stalls selling souvenirs and local food.

Open your eyes in a village and find yourself in the land of Christmas. Walking amongst the gingerbread houses, walking the stone streets that contain the footsteps of hundreds of years, drinking the potions of Christmas heated in the cauldrons, dancing with the fire dance of the billets sprinkled on the street, waiting with excitement at the beginning of the hot chestnuts, getting lost in the streets, losing time… Alsace villages open their hearts for Christmas at the end of November. By the end – even some villages, including the first week of January – invite guests to their streets.


The night in this town must be experienced. We arrived in the early darkness of winter evening, I felt like I was in an opera. The hall is dark yet, I am waiting for the show with enthusiasm and curtain perde Colmar is in front of us in all its glory. Night blue, dream pink lights mirrored in the houses on the canal. I don't think there's only one window missing from the Christmas decorations. They all speak their own language, there are no prototypes here, there is joy, enthusiasm, heartfelt everything, as if not dismissed.

On a sunny morning, we wake up to a different Colmar. Snow hasn't been here yet, but everywhere it feels like a snowy Christmas morning.

I can't get enough of looking at houses that have remained intact along the canal for centuries. The railings of the bridges are equipped with Christmas ornaments. Showcases filled with magic characters of a winter fairy tale. Ready to go skis in the hands of Santa Claus, silvery white sweaters and cape with babies, deer, sledges, cones yürüyüş As we walk the streets lengthen, every building in every shop with all the details of the new year we breathe in the air.

When we come to Colmar, let's not forget to send a greeting to a beautiful person without fading our Christmas spirit. Here's the restaurant that Anthony Bourdain published in his last post. Whether you go past him or sit at his desk, just smile at him, and I'm sure he'll smile at you.


In the miniature medieval village, I recommend you to take your steps as slowly as possible between the narrow stone streets, each of the distinctive color, typical half-timbered houses of the period. Be comfortable because the village is already palms up.

I was fascinated by wrought iron signs hanging on the building facades. It is possible to see every street.

All villages in Alsace are surrounded by vineyards. I always think that evaluating the products of our lands is reflecting the value we give to the places we visit. I recommend you to discover the grapes and wines of the region. I usually like to give chance to their own productions that restaurants offer “house wine”.

Don't pass the streets without tasting the hot wines and delicious chestnuts served in your cauldron. You can buy hot spice-scented wines in ceramic goblets for a small price difference and take them home.

The region is also famous for its castles. They all have glorious options from each other. We

We visited the Château du Haut-Koenigsbourg. I actually liked walking even more than the castle. We left our car down and climbed into the castle. We made an extremely pleasant stroll along the dirt roads rising through the magnificent trees.

Alsatian cuisine: The cuisine of the region is influenced by both French and German cuisine and the cuisine of the two countries has created a new cuisine. It is possible to taste Alsatian dishes along the route, especially Strasbourg.

Shall we give a little awareness?

We're staying right now, not yesterday, not tomorrow, not now. Stop for a moment and imagine, who has passed through here, running fast, maybe slow clunky. How many stopped and felt the stone he stepped on is unknown. You stop, yeah, just stop. Close your eyes for a moment and feel where you are, then open your eyes at that point and look at that house that has been there since the Middle Ages with its delicate structure and examine it. The splendor of irregularly arranged stones, resistant beautiful grasses growing on the roof tiles, the rooster staring at us from the summit of the house that has been the symbol of faith and hope for years… who knows what details are visible. This tiny house has been standing there for 700 years, see it, feel the village. Let the crowds flow around you, a deep breath, your breath in the axle all the way to your soles and leave your breath to the stone, thanks. Now you're ready to be the protagonist of this fairy tale…

Our route was: Basel, Eguisheim, Colmar, Kaysersberg, Ribeauville, Obernai, Strasbourg, Freiburg.

On a four-day holiday, we went through three countries and it wasn't tiring because the distances between the settlements were very short.

But my advice to you is to go unplanned without route.

Let your heart show your way through the villages, roads, gates, streets. Wishing you a steady stream, Merry Christmas, I wish you a wonderful New Year.

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