Prams and kangaroos are usually in the first place in prenatal need lists. These two products, which are indispensable on birth lists, make the life of parents easier for the need to carry the baby after birth. You don't rightly know which one you will use more before you hold your baby, in which situations you should choose which one. In fact, the uses of both products vary according to you and your baby; in some cases you may need two products. Depending on its size, durability and ease of transport, you may be thinking, “Will I need a kangaroo? Sonra after choosing the most suitable stroller for you. Then you're in the right place. Here you can find a comparative analysis of stroller and kangaroo with advantages and disadvantages for parents.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Kangaroo Usage

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Not just outside; The kangaroo, which you can use inside the house, will be your biggest helper when you need to do two jobs at the same time.

It is very beneficial for the physical and mental development of a baby to be carried close and in contact with the womb in the period after birth. If you think that the newborn babies have a very close vision, it is important for the kangaroo to contact and see the baby in the kangaroo in terms of baby development and maternal peace. Kangaroos do not take up space like a baby stroller, they are easy to carry and they are hygienically important to be washable. The use of kangaroo gives parents more convenience outside. When you want to go to the market for a short time with your baby kangaroo you prefer to move provides convenience and practicality. You can breastfeed your baby while walking, and you can easily feed your baby even in crowded places without disturbing the environment. However, if you live in a place without a lift and have to use stairs, the kangaroo is the right choice for you than the stroller. The kangaroo, which you can use not only outside, but also inside the home, will be your biggest helper when you need to do two things at the same time. For example, you can easily check your e-mails and even cook with your baby sleeping with the smell of kangaroo. Keep in mind that kangaroos should be carried with a specially designed newborn apparatus in the first 3 months.

In spite of all these, the disadvantages of kangaroo do not disappear. When purchasing kangaroo first, it is very important that you choose the most suitable kangaroo for you and your baby in terms of usage time and satisfaction. Long-term and wrong kangaroo can cause tenderness in the shoulders or legs. Besides, if you have twin or triple babies, the best choice for you is the stroller. With the kangaroo, you can carry only one child. Your baby's diet also affects the use of kangaroo. For example, the easier it is to breastfeed your baby in a kangaroo, the more difficult it is to be in a kangaroo for a bottle-fed baby.

Use of Baby Stroller; Advantages and Disadvantages

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For twin or triple births, you can find 2 and 3 strollers for the number of babies.

You will be more free when you go out with the pram which is a must for prenatal lists. Especially if you prefer a lightweight and easy-to-carry stroller, you'll spend much less physical push to push. By drinking your coffee and reading your book, you can move independently of your baby sitting or sleeping in the stroller. If your baby is awake in the stroller and observes the environment, communication with the environment becomes comfortable and strong and learns to communicate independently of you. In addition, you do not have to carry your bags with you in your hand or on your back when you go out, special compartments in baby strollers are therefore life-saving. In most strollers, you can change your baby's diaper and even provide a bottle to feed easily. In restaurants without high chairs, your baby carriage can even serve as a feeding chair. Strollers are the right choice when babies come to a certain age and become heavier in size. For twin or triple babies, you can find 2-way and 3-way baby strollers.

Is this product at the top of the list no disadvantages? If you live in a building with a staircase without a lift, we have stated that the use of a baby stroller can force you. In addition, when you go out with a stroller, your preparation time is longer than when you use a kangaroo. Outside, you will need a flat and uncluttered floor with a stroller, otherwise it will be difficult to move forward. Even while shopping in shopping malls, you may have difficulty in aisle passes. Bulky prams can be a challenge when you want to eat in a restaurant. If you have a car, it may not be easy to fold a baby stroller each time and put it in the trunk, unpack it again for use. Light and easy to open and close products to your advantage.

On Vacation

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The baby stroller is more comfortable when the plane delays, while the use of kangaroo is more convenient in crowded places for sightseeing.

Any positive or negative situation that you will experience when traveling with a child varies according to the child's age. During the holidays, you will benefit from the joint use of baby stroller and kangaroo. For example, the stroller is more comfortable when the plane delays; The use of kangaroo is more convenient for sightseeing and crowded places. In addition, when you want to eat in a restaurant, you can use the stroller as a highchair, and you can be more comfortable with your baby who cannot yet sit in the chair. If you prefer a holiday in a very warm place, the kangaroo can be uncomfortable for you and your baby. In this case, it is better to use the stroller.

The advantages and disadvantages of these two products vary according to the condition of the parents, the baby and even the environment. In Hepsiburada you can visit Baby Kangaroo and Stroller categories and choose the model that suits you with one click.