Would you like to learn the beauty formulas used by women in different countries of the world? Natural masks, cures, moisturizers preferred by women from different countries özel You can access the world's beauty secret with special recipes that will nourish and revitalize your skin.

Egyptian Women Discover Milk Power

Lactic acid in milk is renewed by lightly peeling the skin. Egyptian women are refreshing their skin with milk bath. Milk that provides both moisture and regeneration can be applied to the skin with the help of cotton. Egyptian women make use of honey to make milk masks. Half a glass of water, a spoonful of honey, 1 teaspoon of starch is obtained by mixing a light dark mask. The milk mask remaining on the skin for about 15 minutes leaves a babyish feeling on the skin when rinsed.

Nourish your skin with milk and nourish your hair with rosemary.

Our neighbor found the secret of voluminous hair

In Greece women benefit from the invigorating essences of rosemary to provide bright and voluminous. The recipe can be prepared with both rosemary oil and rosemary. 7-8 drops of rosemary oil dripped into 2 glasses of water or 2 teaspoons of dry rosemary boiled in the same amount of water can be applied to the hair and used as a mask. Rosemary remaining in the hair for 20 minutes, provides both pleasant smell and shine.

For Spotless White Skin

In China, women fight skin blemishes using rice water. Rice water is found in some Far Eastern stain creams that are offered for sale in our country today. 1 spoon of rice in 1 glass of water for a maximum of 2 hours when you can see the water blur. The rice that leaves its starch is filtered and the process continues with the remaining water. You can apply this water to your skin with the help of a cotton swab. The formula, which is effective on both blemishes and wrinkles, is in demand in the world.

Green tea keeps the skin alive with its caffeine content while ice tightens the skin texture.

The Cold Beauty Secret of the Cold Country

In Sweden, women prefer green tea in ice molds for younger, more vibrant skin. The recipe can also be prepared with white tea. Dried green tea is brewed in 80 degrees warm water for about 45 minutes to keep the pulp in the pot. You can then cool the water and pour it into ice molds and freeze. Wiping your skin with green tea ice molds every morning helps your skin purify from oxidants.

Nail Recipe From The Capital Of Manicure

The famous French manicure is prepared with white nail tips. Today, French women prefer natural whitening nail masks instead of nail polish for white nail tips. Squeezed the juice of half a lemon; the remaining half is added to the ring ring chopped with 2 glasses of clean water can bathe your nails. You can also use a bottle of soda instead of water to increase the effect. If you perform this procedure for 10 minutes a week, you may notice that the jaundice in your nails has disappeared. If stubborn stains are still present, you can choose to rub your nails with lemon peel.

The Miracle From Grapes

In Chile, women use the antioxidant source red grape in their care routines. A handful of grapes are crushed into a spoon of wheat flour. Mask applied to the skin, rinsed after about 10 minutes is removed from the skin. It is known that famous brands who discovered this secret have started to add black grapes into cosmetic products. The world-famous brands that pursue black grapes, provides healthy shine on the skin.

Well-groomed Women Beautify with Cherry

French women, after cleansing the skin of the cherry and pomegranate seeds obtained by beating the mask once a week to the skin. 5 minutes remaining on the skin with plenty of vitamin mask, increasing the elasticity of the skin shine. When removing the mask should be careful not to scratch the skin of the core parts.

Red berries are healing skin problems around the world.

Cranberry Alarm in Spain

Hispanic women revive their hair with cranberry juice. Moisture mask that provides natural shine and health to the hair is created by crushing cranberries and keeping them in water. Before leaving the shower, a quarter cup of cranberry juice is poured into the hair and the hair is rinsed. The mask, which can be applied to dyed hair, ensures the hair to be fed.

Spread from Singapore to the World

In Turkey, almost every house entering coconut oil was first popularized in Singapore. After becoming popular, it is possible to prepare various kinds of masks with oil, which is a must for hair care. Almond oil and argan oil can be added to the oil which is applied to the ends of the hair and waited for 30 minutes on average.

The Secret of Colombian Women's Legendary Hair

Colombian women, the beauty queens of Latin America, owe the beauty of their hair to the avocado. The fruit, which is crushed into puree, is whipped with 1 banana puree and applied to the hair and feeds the hair strands from root to tip. It is recommended to apply the mask, which is rinsed with warm water after waiting for 30 minutes, once a month.

The water of the rose is separate and the oil is useful.

Bulgarian Rose Nourishes Skin

In Bulgaria, famous for its roses, rose water is an essential part of women's daily care. Rose water, used instead of tonic, nourishes the skin while moisturizing. At the same time, the mask is mixed with honey, rose water, sesame oil, combined with herbal oils such as anti-wrinkle masks to give moisture. Rose oil is applied to the skin by massage and dry skin to soften the skin.

Turkish women do not give up the Turkish bath

Turkish women have not given up the Turkish bath since the Ottoman era for beauty and care. Warm water vapor softens the skin with the pouch revives and becomes soft. Today, the baths, which are preferred by celebrities, are modernized and combined with aromatherapy sessions. Smell of natural oils in five-star hotels, the bathing pleasure maintains its place in the life of Turkish women for both care and pleasure.

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