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Best Theater Theaters in Istanbul 

The theater, which is one of the closest performing arts, consisted solely of the interaction between the actor and the audience in the early times it emerged, and inevitably developed according to different demands and requirements as time progressed. At first, theater performances, which were…

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Film Suggestions to Warm You in Cold Winter 

The most enjoyable activity of the cold winter days is undoubtedly watching movies with your tea or coffee and the softest blanket in your warm home. Here we have listed beautiful movies that will warm you up in the winter! Bridget Jones's Diary Source: cloudfront…

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Legendary Photography Agency Magnum's Story 

Photographers who try to fit social events, wars, world leaders and historical artifacts from all over the world into a square in the pre-digital era, when photography, articles and news were the crowns; they were windows to the world for the people of the time….

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Game Of Thrones 

The most common situation in the film adaptations of famous works is that they cannot be reflected directly. One of the main reasons for this is of course time constraint. Of course, characters can evolve when necessary without disturbing the story. Game of Thrones is…

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Need to Know About Figure Collecting 

How would you like to be a child again, to feel like a child? With figure collecting, perhaps the most enjoyable hobby in the world, this is really possible. Of course, it is worth noting: people who are not involved may be afraid that you…

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Nobel alan Türkler kimlerdir? 

“Nobel alan Türkler kimlerdir” sorusu her yıl Nobel Ödülleri’nin dağıtılacağı dönemde kamuoyunda sıkça haber olur. Oysa bu cevabı oldukça kısa bir soru, asıl bir de Nobel’e aday olup almayı başaramayanlar listesi var ki, o daha uzun… Nobel ödülleri 1901 yılından bu yana her yıl dinamitin…

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Music Documentaries Feeding the Spirit 

If you are curious about the stories of the songs that touch you, the lives of the owners of those songs, we have compiled the best documentaries that will touch your soul! Amy Source: the fader The documentary, which tells the story of Amy Winehouse,…