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Original Ideas for Reading Corner Decoration 

How about creating a special space for reading books anywhere in your house? A relaxing light, a comfortable armchair, a beanbag to stretch your feet and a coffee table where you can put your coffee, is enough to create a small reading corner! But if…


Home Office Decoration Guide for Employees 

Free-time workers spend most of the day at home and at the computer. They are relatively lucky if they have a study room of their own. They can decorate this room as they wish. If there is no possibility to create a private study room,…


Do it yourself, rebuild your house: 20 tips 

If we say “Do It Yourself (DIY) Türkçe in Turkish, Yap Do It Yourself” movement has surrounded the world. Good thing he does. Thus, instead of identical, monotonous and boring houses, we can see inspiring houses that reflect creativity and imagination. You can change your…


Things to do to keep the Christmas flower alive 

New Year's flowers are taken, flowers are given, but the life of these flowers unfortunately not long. However, some tricks to keep the Christmas flower is a must! New Year New Hope! This year there are many gift options prepared with the motto ey do…


Winter plant care and cold-loving winter plants 

Plant care in winter requires extra care. Even if you grow cold-resistant winter plants, plants, like humans, have different requirements in every season. The nature, which awakened with spring, loses its old vitality with the arrival of autumn and winter. Just like insects' shells and…


A pleasant hobby: indoor plant growing 

According to world health data, we need at least 9 square meters of green space in order to establish a healthy life. It is possible for us to meet this need by growing indoor plants. We are longing for green with rapid urbanization, which affects…