Do you know what you have to pay attention to before choosing your coat?

Rain, snow and strong winds are not missing in cold days, a coat that will keep you warm is a must in your winter wardrobe. When choosing your coat that suits your style and protects you from cold and harsh weather, you should pay attention to a few points. In many stores there are coats with beautiful colors and designs, and it is undeniable that they are very reasoning. A coat that you try and fit very well may look great in an image, but it is as important as whether it performs its function.

For example, in the past, almost no coats without lining, now designs without lining often come across. Although their designs are beautiful, it is a fact that such products cannot protect you from cold or rain. Let's choose the right coat that will look great on you as well as keep the bride warm and sheltered.

What kind of coat do you need?

The first step is to determine your needs before shopping. It is important that your coat meets your expectations correctly. A stylish overcoat is necessary for special occasions, but for everyday use you should choose a design that protects you from the cold and rain. However, it is not always appropriate for business life because waterproof, or waterproof coats, which keep the heat inside and cut the cold, have a more sporty appearance. At that point, you can also make sure that the coat you get is lined and woven with wool.

Quality oriented

Overcoat is one of the most important investments in your wardrobe. It is possible to find a coat that is suitable for every budget with a wide price range in the market, but if you want to use it for many years and keep you warm, it is useful to open the mouth of the pouch a little. If you agree, we recommend you to use wool-based, sewing and high-quality designs instead of polyester and synthetic woven overcoats.

Classic style

If you follow fashion and trends closely, you may tend to prefer “maxi lar coats or neon coats, which are a few sizes larger. However, when it comes to outerwear, the classic pieces always act as a savior with their timelessness. That's why a classic wool coat in black, gray or tab color makes you look stylish and fits any combination. You can easily use it in your daily style with your jeans and your trousers and suits in business life.

For comfortable use

When choosing coats, you should take into account the thick sweaters you will wear over the winter. Especially overcoats with narrow shoulders and arms, you can wear your sleeves in cold winter days and restrict your movement. For example, if your size is small and the coat you choose is narrow, we recommend that you try the medium size.

Temperature protection

It is certain that overcoats made of 100 percent wool will keep you warm on cold days, but generally such designs are very heavy due to the material used and you may have difficulty carrying them on. Therefore, wool blended overcoat designs provide ease of use due to their lighter weight. Also known as a sailor coat, the models have an inward part, providing two-layer protection in the chest area when you loop your front. Likewise, in goose down more sporty coats, besides being waterproof, you can prefer wind-proof models that keep the heat inside and do not transmit cold air.


Some overcoats are designed to be used on both sides. In this way, you can use the most suitable combination of your choice by choosing double-sided coats with different colors or patterns inside and outside. Two-sided designs, especially black or gray on the outside and colored on the inside, make it easy for you to complete your weekday and weekend combinations.

Pocket detail

Another point to consider when choosing your coat is pockets. Some pockets are either absent or have a design as if they existed. It is important that the coat you choose is a pocket, because it helps protect your hands from cold weather to some extent.

Filling material

Insulation is very important. In winter coats we usually come across two types of insulation: plumage and synthetic. Feather is one of the most effective filling materials to keep you warm in cold weather. It also provides ease of use due to its light weight. However, when you choose a feather filling material, it is important that the outer surface of your coat is waterproof. Because the feather is more traps moisture and it is difficult to dry. On top of that, it may not dry homogeneously and may agglomerate inside the coat. Synthetic fillers are a good alternative to feather in this respect, but are not so good in terms of durability and long-term use.

The most suitable for your body

Coats, which are produced especially for women, are designed considering both the variety of styles and the body structure. For example, if your height is slightly shorter than the average, you may prefer those that are at knee height, rather than the coats that extend to your ankles. Although there are days when we have to dress up in layers of cold, if you want to show your waist thinner, waist belt designs can be just for you.

In winter, the most prominent part of your style is to take care of the overcoats without any expense. Take a look at all of them to find the right coat the easy way!