By December, we have officially opened the boot boots season! If you think the same boring things are always worn in cold weather, you are wrong. With just one boat or boot, you can make beautiful combinations. Here is the winter boots for those who do not want to compromise, ankle boots and long boot combinations!

The perfect pair: short trotters and ankle boots

The most beloved, most fitting pair of recent times: the cut-off trousers and ankle boots! When we put the normal trousers into the boots, we don't see a nice look. If we go outside, this time, the boat won't show up.

That's what we tell you that will make your dreams come true. The most popular names of recent times such as Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid have been viewed with this duo many times in their daily lives. It is very easy to find this short trousers pants whether you can buy new, or you can cut your own trousers!

Is skirt worn in this season?

Let's answer the question immediately: Yes worn! We're just gonna wear pants in the winter? Of course not! Skirts do not have seasons and skirts are very good with boots. Sometimes even in street styles of celebrities even in the summer under the skirt we see that they wear boots.

Short skirt, long skirt, tight skirt, baggy skirt doesn't matter! You can complete every skirt that suits your style with your boots. Don't forget to take your thermal socks in order to avoid cold weather. By the way, it's time to stop wearing pants every day and get used to the skirt-boots duo!

Over the knee boot: Ariana Grande combination!

instagram: @arianagrande

It is such a piece that no matter what you wear with it, it doesn't have to attract all the attention. Whether you are going to school, going out at night, going to the market or going to the wedding le With your knee boots, you can combine it at any time in your life! But Ariana Grande's love for us, a long sweatshirt dress and a knee-high boot, one of the most remarkable combinations of recent years!

You can find big size sweatshirts that you can find in the men section of brands. This sporty combination is very comfortable and keeps you warm! Those who want to maintain their claim in the winter, you will not want to wear anything else!


It's a weird look when you put the trousers in the boot. What about tights and tight stretch pants? As if they were not comfortable enough, they also complement each other in such a beautiful boat! If you say, in Don't let my wrist get cold, I'm very fond of myself! The black boots and the trousers you insert into them will merge together like jigsaw pieces and make your leg length look longer. What more do you get!

Jumpsuits: Wear out

We're all going through those busy days when we can't deal with a combination. It is our biggest savior to have one piece of clothes in our closet to get dressed up at such times! The most comfortable of these overalls! With your long boots under shorts overalls, you can make a stylish and comfortable combination in five minutes.

Sweater dresses

instagram: @leoniehanne

You should definitely make room for long, soft, colorful sweaters in your closet this winter! This combination, which you can get out of and dress up quickly and keep you warm, can be addictive. Long boot underneath, a belt on your waist according to your request, you're ready!


instagram: @inthestyle

In recent years, one of the most trend-saving pieces that have appeared in different combinations, sometimes stylish and sometimes sporty: Blazer jackets! We have an ambitious proposal for those who want to go beyond dress and overalls and to be different. You can wear a long blazer, bigger than your own body, a tight belt and a dress! The best thing under this blazer is, of course, long boots!

Long legs with Spanish leg!

The lost fashion of the 70s is back! He also has all the features we are looking for. With high heels, the pair of Spanish trousers will add elegance to your elegance. Since the heel of your boot will not be visible from the trousers, you can extend your length as much as you want, and compete with Kendall Jenner with the image of your leg height!

After browsing these examples, you can look at the bots and boots that you think would suit you from these links.