In our childhood, the games we played with our friends started to replace video games especially with the shrinking playgrounds of big cities. Although there are many researches about the positive and negative aspects of video games, it will not be right to approach the game as “harmful” or “beneficial başına.

Experts, other activities of our lives, provided that not interrupt the games; socialization, analytical thinking, problem solving, strategy setting, reflex development, etc.

Before mentioning the details of the subject, it is worth mentioning that gaming computers can be handled in two different areas. There are player laptops that are featured with certain features developed for gamers, and desktop computers whose hardware features are selected according to the game. In this article, we will talk about how desktop gaming computers should be used. Some of the features that we will mention for desktop computers are also valid for gamer laptops.

Tell Me The Video Card And I'll Tell You What Games You Can Play!

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It should be emphasized that the most important hardware is the video card. The graphics cards are characterized by features. For this reason, you can only buy a card with a high amount of RAM and you may not be able to find the performance you need.

Some basic concepts such as core speed, RAM amount and frequency, bus width (bit) play a key role in this technology.

Thanks to the amount and speed of the core, the number of processed and generated images increases at the same time. The buses used in graphics cards are basically used for data communication. Suppose it is a wheelbarrow with a carrying capacity of fifty kilograms için To transport a 1000-pound pebble, we must bring the wheelbarrow 20 times. If we had 10 of the same car and we had a ten-lane road, this transport would have ended in just two runs. Here, the bus on the video card, the processor and the video adapter acts as a multi-lane bridge. The more strips we have, the sooner our work is completed.

Thanks to RAM, we increase the carrying capacity of the wheelbarrow. Today's state-of-the-art games require more data to be carried. The blur, antialiasing and lighting processes used in the games increase the amount of load to be carried. For this reason, large amounts of memory are important for a good gaming experience. As well as the amount of RAM used on these cards, the frequency and type of memory are effective in the size and speed of the data to be transported.

Different brands use a variety of architectures to improve the performance and efficiency of graphics cards. Thanks to these developed architectures, the performance of the hardware also varies.

On behalf of the power of the processor in a world filled with calculations

As it is known, the computer world is a platform where 0 and 1s are in harmony. When necessary, these devices, which must perform millions of operations at the same time, refer to the mathematical genius processor. The physics engines of the games make use of the processor when calculating whether or not it is possible.

The number of cores, speed and architecture are the three most important aspects of the CPU.

The number of cores is very useful for simultaneous operations. In fact, some games do not work on computers below a certain number of cores. The importance of choosing a processor emerges in a gaming experience that doesn't increase our nerve coefficient and is not stuck. In some cases, the so-called “bottleneck olduğunda occurs when there is a difference in speed and quality between the graphics card and the processor. The lower of the two hardware can prevent the other from operating efficiently.

In this competitive market, AMD and Intel each brand has its own advantages. While the amount of cores in one brand is lower than the other, it can give the same performance. The technologies and architecture in the production of processors can reveal these differences. When choosing a processor, we can use the recommended system requirements of the games to be played and the performance tests performed by independent companies.

I Have Elephant Memory, I Forget Nothing!

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The RAM hardware, translated as “memory imize in our language, is actually more than just keeping things in mind. The frequency as well as the amount of RAM is effective in performance.

As the game world continues to evolve, the need for RAM increases.

What kind of games we play is effective in choosing RAM. In addition, some motherboards may perform better when using dual RAM of the same brand. Choosing RAM of the same brand and frequency as much as possible will significantly reduce the problems to be encountered. The amount of RAM needed varies depending on the type of games we play. The explanations of the game producers are guiding in this regard.

Even if you have a great pen you can not write without defect!

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Hard drives are another hardware that affects game performance more indirectly than the hardware mentioned above. Hard drives have been used for many years and have been expanding. The alternative to the system where the information we call HDD is physically written on the plates is SSDs. These discs do not directly affect the quality and performance of the game. When the data is written to the disk faster, when we look at the computer screen with empty eyes, the time period becomes shorter. SSDs, which is a more expensive hardware than the old hard drives, increase in size as the prices increase. Some games with hundreds of GB add-ons, hard disk selection requires careful consideration. It is useful to choose a fast and large HDD for the storage partition and an SSD for the part where the gaming and operating system is located.

The choice of a monitor with LED technology, low latency and FreeSync will complete the gaming experience. An adequate power supply and a cooling system for efficient operation of the system are also not to be missed.

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