Quality time spent with parents is one of the most important elements in the personal development of children. Children, rather than the gifts received to them; remember the joyful moments spent together. The quality time spent together strengthens family ties and helps children build healthy relationships in the future. Watching family movies is one of the most fun ways to spend time together.

The films that will be watched as a family teach all the family members new things and strengthen the bonds between them.

Films give children the opportunity to get to know people who are different or similar to them. This contributes to self-recognition, tolerance and development of understanding. The child, who identifies with the heroes while watching a movie, puts himself in the place of the hero, rejoices, upset and gets excited. These short-lived emotional changes enable him to understand the cause and effect relationship; teaches him how to deal with a problem when he has a similar problem. It provides an idea about the ups and downs and different problems experienced in human relations. The child who watches the film with his / her parents may ask questions to his / her parents and get ideas from them. The films that will be watched as a family teach all the family members new things and strengthen the bonds between them. Why don't you just pop the corn and go on television with your kids and watch a movie that's good for all of you family? Here are a few options:

Mermaids (1990-USA)

No one knows the songs of Cher, one of the leading actors in this film. In this delightful film, Cher is accompanied by Winona Ryder and Christina Ricci. Directed by Richard Benjamin, this film is about the story of a mother and her two daughters who think that the only way to get rid of their troubles and problems is to move from a map to a town. Crazy, fun, not for people; The story of a mother and her beautiful daughters, who live according to their own minds, is a delight. Dialogues in the film are so intimate that you immediately identify yourself with the actors and put yourself in their shoes and start thinking about what I would do.

Freaky Friday (2003-USA)

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The leading actors of this film, directed by Mark Waters; Jamie Lee Curtis, Lindsay Lohan and Chad Michael Murray. The film is about a conflict-based mother-daughter relationship, and mystically interesting developments occur as a result of accidentally eaten luck cookies. In the morning, the mother and her daughter wake up and find themselves in each other's bodies. Koy Put yourself in my place, ”the film fully fulfilled the phrase, the subject first appeared in 1976 with the same name Walt Disney Pictures. The film, where you can get the same taste with its new adaptation, is also appreciated with its music. There seems to be a lot to learn from this film based on the mother-daughter relationship.

Mother of Green Gables (1985-USA)

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Directed by Kevin Sullivan, Megan Flows, Colleen Dewhurst and Jonathan Crombie, the film is based on a book by Canadian writer Montgomery. This film tells the story of the orphan and the orphan Anne. After an orphanage, Anne finds herself in a town called Green Gables. Finding the love she seeks in this town, Anne manages to overcome every problem she has faced by winning the love of everyone in the town with her intelligence and imagination. Although she is an orphan orphan, she learns to overcome difficulties by herself.

Little Man Tate (1991-USA)

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Adam Hann-Byrd and Dianne Wiest are both cast and directed by Jodie Foster. The film is about the story of a mother who tries to raise her 7-year-old son alone. The film tells the story of how difficult it is for a child to stay alone and to be excluded, and to try to make a mother happy in all these difficulties. This film, which sheds light on the relationship between mother and child from different angles, is among the movies worth watching as a family.

Brave (Brave) (2012-USA)

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This animation, which you can watch with pleasure as a family, fascinates the audience with its magnificent images.

Two people sit in the director's chair of this animated film; Brenda Chapman and Mark Andrews. The characters are Kelly Macdonald, Emma Thompson and Kevin McKidd. Pixar's animated film is about the story of the brave, red-haired, archer princess Merida, discovering true courage and accuracy. The pressure of the parents on the children and the emotionality of the events between mother and daughter are meticulously handled in the film. This animation, which you can watch with pleasure as a family, fascinates the audience with its magnificent images.

Life Inside Out (2013-USA)

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The leading actors of this film, directed by Jill D’Agnenica; Maggie Baird, Lori Nasso and Finneas O’Connell. The film, which is about the story of a mother and her son who wants to return to the music life that finds her old guitar again one day, meets the lovers as a musical feast. Blending the bond between love of music and mother and son, the film emphasizes the contention between family and other passions and the happiness of being a team.

The Life of Pumpkin (Ma vie de Courgette) (2016 Switzerland + France)


This animated film is directed by Claude Barras. The film is an adaptation of Gilles Paris's novel ob The Autobiography of a Pumpkin ”. This animation, which is Switzerland's nominee for the Best Animated Film Academy Award, is about a nine-year-old child trying to hold on to life by learning love, affection, solidarity and trust in spite of all the negativities. This animation, which will influence the whole family with its music and atmosphere, can fill your eyes with its naive and emotional scenes.

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