“Every night I fall asleep in front of the TV,“ ik We went on a picnic, but I couldn't raise my head from Ipad, çekiy orum I take over 100 photos a day, but I post one to Instagram, ”“

Do you repeat these sentences often? Diagnosis clear: You are screen dependent. Luckily there is now the treatment: Digital Detox!

Digital Detox is not a technology fast. So “I took a break from technology for a while. But then I came back worse sen if you didn't have a successful detox. A good digital purification should show you what you're missing in life. It is clear that you cannot give up technology completely, but at least it is unnecessary. It should enable you to understand the technological habits that you say da I do not live “. Experts say it is possible to achieve a good balance with a planned-scheduled detox.

Although there are many different ways of digital purification, different methods have in common. We've compiled the points you need to pay attention to when drawing your own roadmap so that you can take the first steps smoothly:

Remove your digital list

First make a list of all the digital tools that keep you busy. Try to measure how much time you spend in front of your TV, on your computer, on your laptop, on your smartphone.

List your social media memberships, how often you use them, how many times you check these channels for new e-mails or messages.

Finally, make a cost calculation. Try to understand how much you spend on your internet connection, the games you buy online, and your phone that you renew every two years.

Make a rough account

If you have listed your daily or weekly usage habits, reflect this to months, years, and even 80 years of your average life, to the rest of your life. And come face to face with bitter truth!

Yes, you spend two weeks of each year crawling to see who didn't come, who gave you a month like who, and who shared what.

Yes, you can watch all the classic movies twice when you spend a short funny video. And yes, with the money you spend on meaningless games, you can visit the festival center on top of the sports center membership.

Now it's your list of life

What do you want to do in your life? First of all, put small targets about yourself and your city, think about what you have not done, where you have not seen, where you have visited. Then set the annual goals, where you want to take a vacation, which museums you have not seen, what are your plans abroad? And of course, finally, your bucket list. What do you not want to emigrate from this world without doing? Put goals in your life.

Now compare these lists with the time and money you spend on things that have no positive impact on your life in digital. Yes, you have time and money to do many things in life. As long as you can plan this purification.

Let the digital purification begin!

After you have made all these lists and accounts, it's time to enter a conscious digital diet. Experts recommend a diet, not a full fast. “It may be good to check your social media accounts every day, even for very short periods, without exceeding the limits, limit they say. A precise and strict detox can increase your curiosity and make your return to addiction more desirable.

Remember: we will leave reducing

Almost everyone says that reducing it is the best solution. In particular, social media accounts that are open and never used, games you spend time in vain should first leave. Limiting digital content viewing to specific times of the day is also a recommended method. For example, set rules such as im I will only watch videos on lunch break ”.

Do not set targets that you cannot hold. The most common mistake about addictions is to try to quit completely, but in the first little return, you will get the feeling that you will never quit and commit yourself to worse than before.

Digital detox habits

When you switch to digital purification, you will notice that certain habits, especially sleep, have changed. Embrace these habits and feel the positive contribution to your life. Good sleep, standing upright because you don't lean on the screen while sitting, eating right because you spend more time eating, minimizing your digital habits will be the basic changes you will experience in your life.

It's a good idea to leave your digital equipment in another room, especially to keep your sleep in order. Turn off all electronic devices at least one hour before going to sleep and prepare for sleep.

Integrated life possible

Digital devices actually exist to make your life easier and beautify, not to take over your life from start to finish. You can color your life with the help of digital tools when you throw yourself out. Try taking pictures from the top of the Galata Tower. Wonder and explore every flower you see in your city. Walk around with our friends who live on the streets, set targets for yourself, im I will take 1000 cats photos ”.

Let your digital devices help you and testify while you live.

Don't digitize, let the digital world keep up with you while you live…

Short recommendations for first steps

The last thing you look at before you go to bed is not your phone.
Try to deal with one screen at a time.
Play with the color adjustment of your screens, black and white will distort less eyes.
Ad block, social media block programs focus your attention.
Do not identify each e-mail to your phone.
Do not insert a screen in your bedroom;
For bulk meals, lift the phone off the table.
Stop celebrating people's happy days on the phone, celebrate face to face.
Turn off the phone at the cinema, shame!
Open notifications only for very important applications.
Switch to airplane mode while you are doing sports and traveling.
Increase your non-digital tastes in your life, read books!
Find a friend with you in detox and support each other.
Explain to people that you are in detox, instruct them not to bother you unnecessarily.