The most common situation in the film adaptations of famous works is that they cannot be reflected directly. One of the main reasons for this is of course time constraint. Of course, characters can evolve when necessary without disturbing the story. Game of Thrones is one of the most important examples of this. Some of the characters never made the transition to the series universe, while others lacked their abilities. It is wrong to attribute these changes directly to the TV series producers because it is said that they are in contact with the author George R. R. Martin and that many decisions belong to him. So, what are these changes? We've compiled it all for you.

Lady Stoneheart

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After the tragedy at the Red Wedding, we cannot see the character Lady Stoneheart in the series adaptation, which sprays water into the readers. The key to the character is of course the Red Wedding, because Lady Stoneheart is actually Catelyn Stark's death. During the brutal murder of his son Robb Stark, his pregnant wife and Catelyn, the mother Stark was surprisingly returning to the story by Thoros of Myr, using the forces of Lord of Light to relieve the pain. He was unable to speak because his throat had been cut to death, his hair and skin were white, but he roasted all of Westeros with vengeance. However, this was not the case. The deceased remained with his dead, painful knot in the audience's throat! The good ones didn't win again.

Age Problem

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Game of Thrones is a story that may have a disturbing attitude due to the violence and abuse elements it contains. As a matter of fact, one of the topics discussed in the series adaptation was the age of Strak children. In the book, Robb Stark and Jon Snow were 14, Sansa 11, Arya 9, Bran 7 and Daenerys 13. The readers who dominate the story know that; it would be inconvenient in many ways to see these characters as children. Therefore, in the series adaptation, the ages of the characters were increased and the audience recognized them as young adults.

Although almost every detail is vital for readers, it is not possible to see the whole story on the screen.

Daenerys' Dreams

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When we talk about Daenerys, it is worth noting that the only change made about him is not his age. In addition to the fact that her blonde hair is actually portrayed as gray, Dany is also a character with predictive power. Receives news from the future through dreams. However, this was staged as a very small and not important detail in the series. The lovers of the series followed important dreams such as Khal Drogo or the burnt throne room.


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This is not the case in the world of television, although there is no such concern as the rating and the presence of the characters is to remain loyal to the story and tell their troubles. As a matter of fact, if the screenwriters think when they will get the best effect, then the characters get involved in the story. The introduction of Jojen and Meera Reed to the story in the third season was unexpected by the followers of the books. Just as Ramsay Snow is the head of Theon's troops in books and indirectly betrayed. In the adaptation of the series, he appeared to Theon alone, saying that there is no need for intrigue and I should walk directly to the target.

Although it is possible to delineate the story of each character in the book, a more superficial transition becomes necessary in the world of television.

Hybrid Characters

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The most important thing that sets Game of Thrones apart from other stories is that it has so many main characters. As a matter of fact, some characters can have more than one task and they can hybridize in this way. Like Tyrion's right-hand man, Jacelyn Bywater. Bywater didn't appear in the series as they did in the book, but they put the role on Bronn. Similarly, in the series adaptation, Melisa tries to surprise Gendry that the king has blood. In the book, however, Gendry stays in Riverland and has to deal with another illegitimate Edward Storm Melisa.

Gray, More Gray

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It is not only the plot and the characters that change in the adaptations, of course, but also different interpretations of how the characters will look. For Game of Thrones, although most characters are most closely adapted to portrayal, there are no differences. Dany, the mother of the dragons, has light blond hair, but with brown eyes on the screen. However, the book is described with silver hair and violet eyes. If the changed point about Jon Snow, which caused confusion due to his lineage, would have been reflected as it was, they would not be able to hide who he really was during the seasons because Jon had dark hair as well as gray in fact.

Like Character Summaries

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Tyrion Lannister deserves the nickname “little devil bir, one eye blue and the other black, whitened hair and a crooked-nosed character, but the filmmakers seem to be content with scars rather than breaking their noses. Ramsay Bolton, on the other hand, has problematic skin that suits his character. Her hair is long and tangled. A prominent feature of most warrior characters is that almost all of them have broken teeth. Brienne is one of them. Dany's other right-hand man, Daario, is released in the book with his blue hair and beard. However, in the adaptation of the series, he knows the audience with his dark brown hair.

We've listed some of the most noticeable and occasionally disappointing changes to the series adaptations that readers are eagerly awaiting. If you want to make your own comparison and dominate this fantastic world even more, you can reach the category of science fiction and fantastic books through Hepsiburada.