Why is it important to your baby's health? How should we choose the best? Air humidifying steam machines…

With the cooling of the air we started to heat our homes. Any kind of heating system causes the air in the house to dry and the humidity decreases. When you wake up in the morning, your mouth feels dry and your nose is clogged, you need not only your baby, but you also need an air humidifier.

Moisture is used to briefly describe the amount of water vapor in the air. Humidity in the air; depending on the season, where to live and weather conditions. Generally, the humidity in the air is high in summer and low in winter. The ideal moisture content in a home is around 40%.

Low humidity in the environment can cause dryness of the skin and mouth, itching of the eyes, nasal congestion and nasal discharge. Air humidifying steam machines prevent the air of the house from drying out. It is a kind of automated method of water container or towel cloth placed on honeycombs.

Air-humidifying steam engines separate water molecules from each other by subjecting the liquid to vibration with a high frequency sound and air pressure to form cold water vapor. Thus, without boiling water, we obtain cold air vapor.

Which steam engine should he buy?

There are two types of steam engines on the market; hot and cold air humidifiers. It is more meaningful to prefer cold humidifiers in rooms with children in case of tipping and burning.

The differences between them can be summarized as follows:

The cold steam engine consumes less energy than the hot steam engine.
You can only use the cold steam engine with drinking water, and the hot steam engine does not have such a criterion, you can use it with tap water.
Humidifiers using cold water can create a suitable environment for the growth of bacteria and molds. It is therefore of utmost importance that the humidifier is washed daily as recommended. Devices that are not cleaned properly can cause infection.

Apart from these, when selecting air humidifier; quiet operation (especially if you think you will use it at night), the humidity and temperature in the air and automatically programmable. It is also important that the water tank closes automatically when the water runs out, that the water tank is easy to clean, and that it is not an easily knockable product.

How to use steam engines?

You should operate the steam engine, especially at night, and set it to automatic shutdown. To prevent the machine from overturning, it is necessary to place it on a flat, stable surface away from the baby's cradle.

It is important to check the humidity at night, if the humidity meter shows more than 50%, or if evaporation on the glass and moisture on the surfaces are observed; this is a sign that the air is too moist. High humidity is dangerous as it will increase the growth of bacteria and mold in the house. In such a case, you should operate the steam engine at a lower setting and for a shorter time.

You should frequently clean the steam engines with soapy water, and if you prefer a cold steam machine, you should definitely use drinking water.

Let us take you here to examine the air humidifier steam machines with different features in detail.