We've all been through those roads. We estimate that only one or two of the parties, especially those that are concentrated in December, address you, and the rest are a necessity. So how can you get rid of some of them wisely without being rude? We give clues!

Put the blame on your cute friend

This is the most acceptable and easy way. If you have a dog, just tell them to take a walk. If you have a cat, it can be a bit more difficult. You can say that you are a bit grumpy before you leave the house in the morning, you forgot to put your food in, or you add the house together when you are alone for a long time.

Create your old dear crisis

It will annoy you to learn that the person you are living with is in love but is now separated from someone else. In this case, you can not enjoy the party, you can not have fun and you want to be alone at home if you say everyone will understand understanding.

Carer is unfailing

If you have children and left him / her to the carer for the party, you can pretend that the carer calls and there is a problem at home or it is time to go home. He never wonders!

The alarm goes off!

Whether or not you have a home protection system, it's okay if the party owner doesn't know it. You can politely leave that party on the pretext that the security alarm always rings and you need to go and check.

Crazy boss

What do you do if your boss calls in the middle of the party and asks for an urgent document (!)? Of course, you have to go home and get things done. Don't even look back.

Oh my head!

Put the blame on your health. This can be headache, abdominal pain or any bad feeling, or it may be important to forget to take your medicine with you. After all, it's health!

Be honest

Because sometimes this is the best option…

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