School, homework, weekend courses, activities… Children's agenda is sometimes more intense than adults. At this intensity, the little ones are more important to wear, because the weather is cold and cold. Start reading our suggestions so that your children can spend more time at home and out in the winter, with better quality, warmth and style!

Ways to dress children in season

Young children are more susceptible to cold because their small bodies tend to lose heat faster and are not very successful in recognizing that they are cold. Therefore, families do a lot of work on this issue. But if you have children, you already know them. There are a few simple rules for dressing children correctly in winter;

According to experts, the formula you should consider when dressing your child for the winter months is; dress your child more than one adult. Since the temperature will remain constant between the coats, your child will not get cold when outside.
When dressing children, the first layer should be fabrics that can absorb moisture, such as wool. The second layer may also have wool, fluffy or polar contents to insulate the heat. The third floor should be made of waterproof material to protect your child from rain, snow and wind. You and your child will be happy if the mobility is large enough to allow room for additional layers.

You have to be distant to cotton clothing. Because, as you know, cotton fabrics absorb water, so they are vulnerable to rain and snow. But on dry and cold days, the same suction can be performed on your child's sweaty body. Therefore, your child's moist body gets cold in the cold when it gets hot and sweaty.
Your child's head, face, ears, hands and feet are more prone to cold and cold, so you should be more careful with these areas. Woolen socks, hats, plush earplugs, scarves, gloves are a must!
You should always carry dry spare clothing with you.
If we leave it to an end, it is another matter that is never insignificant; suntan cream! Protect your child's skin with up to 30 SPF products, regardless of season.

Suggestions for clothes that children will love;

We talked about how children should be dressed. Of course, it can be difficult to dress them most of the time, after all it is only a matter of time before they want to wear a sweater in the middle of summer or on their coldest day in winter. To convince children to dress for the season you need clothes to love.

You can choose remarkable colors for children, but make sure there are not enough three-dimensional designs to distract.
Kids love patterns. You can add all the patterns from polka dots to lines in the mini wardrobe.
Your child will not be able to reject his favorite superheroes or cartoon characters.

Fun time at home

The harder it is to keep them at home during the summer, the harder it is for them to have fun in the winter. You always need toys and sets that will keep children entertained, entertaining and learning. Technological tools may have replaced toys lately, but sometimes old-fashioned alternatives can be more fun.

Be sure to choose toys that can improve children's skills and crafts.
Let your child's age be the first rule you should pay attention to when choosing toys.
If your child is just one year old, you can choose plush, colorful toys that appeal to evolving senses.
If your child is between 1 and 2 years of age, then audio and color printed books, bath toys and unbreakable parts may be on your list. Because at this age they will begin to explore the world. Dolls, toy tablets, music instruments and phones can also help.
Once your child is 3 years old, you can let them combine some more toys and crafts. Play doughs, doll houses, colorful pastels will be great alternatives, especially on rainy days. Of course, costumes at this age also have a positive effect on the world of imagination. Superhero, princess, astronaut… Let them decide.
Children can love toys that connect them to their environment at this age. For example, choose the picture books and tools to express the plush, artistic aspects of their favorite cartoon heroes.

When children reach the age of 4-5, games can be preferred where they can develop their skills and make modeling. For example; battery-powered toys, stencils, simple children's musical instruments, books, and 9-24 pieces of jigsaw puzzles.
Also buy toys that they can share with friends. Social development needs to be game friends in the age range of 3-5 years. You can set the days of the game by picking up the appropriate toys.
For children of school age, toys are becoming easier. Skate, bike, kite, drone, telescope, board games, give chance to more complex puzzles. Of course, be sure to take into consideration the wishes of your child.
Although many families will experience this before, it is worth waiting for the school age to introduce children to technology. But if you can't take action, discover educational videos and games. You have rules about using technological tools and do not stretch!
You can make your time at home enjoyable by buying tools that will be suitable for developing hobby for your children.

Precautions for choosing toys for children;

Your child's age should be the most important factor in making a toy decision. Do not choose toys that are small enough to be swallowed, especially for children under three years. Beware of choking hazard.
Sharp, pointed toys can present a risk of injury.
Magnetic toys should also not be preferred because they may be swallowed up to three years of age.
Children can sometimes be keen to reveal their ability to lift heavy. Therefore, the less heavy the toy, the safer the playground.
Science sets are sometimes sold for children. You should ensure that they do not contain any substances that may harm your child. Do not keep any chemicals in your home that are potentially explosive.
Toy guns are not suitable for children anyway. And remember that throwing paint or beads is extra dangerous. Including boomerang, darts, arrow.
When shopping for toys for your children, pay attention to the materials that the toy is made of. Do not buy toys that contain harmful paints and materials.
Especially when you switch to toys such as skates, bicycles, helmets, knee brace, such as protectors.

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