You have heard of Marie Kondo, the creator of the KonMari method, which has recently become a trend. For those who do not hear, Marie Kondo is a Japanese cleaning guru; organization expert and writer. He specializes in in-house placement, is renowned for his training and certifications, and is dedicated to organizing clutter. He shares his magic touches on living spaces and the different methods he applies in detail in his book Life The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up ilen which is translated into Turkish as Der Relax with Life to Simplify Life Der. His books are read with great interest in the world and his videos are also watched with the same interest. With the methods and tiny clues that he applies, he even refreshes the house with many children and changes the lives of the inhabitants. With the help of this guide you can learn how to apply this KonMari method to millions of children's rooms.

Never Early

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“From the moment a child starts walking, Marie Kondo can gain the habit of collecting and organizing her own belongings,” says Marie Kondo, emphasizing that you must first start by telling your child that each piece in their room has a place. “Every toy should be put into place after being played. Tert For every child who learns this truth, the order and order become habitual and the clutter decreases. The mentality and discipline necessary for creating order and being a regular person can be learned at an early age; in other words, the tree actually leans when it is alive. Kondo says that you, as a parent, should have put yourself in this discipline at first before you educate your child. Everyone in the family should be responsible for their own property and nobody should force each other in order. Every parent tells his child that he has to pack his room, but no one tells him how to do it. For this reason, you need to set a good example for your child and then begin to vaccinate them slowly by 1 year of age. For example, the fact that you fold the clothes next to him, you tell him how he endures, you let him watch you without forcing him, changes a lot in your life at a young age. So how can you apply this KonMari method in the nursery? Here are a few tips;

Everyone Should Be Responsible for Their Area

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Knowing where and what makes your life seriously easier.

Collecting and organizing the room is not something that needs to be done every day or the purpose of your life; on the contrary, it means a cleanliness and order that you don't have to repeat from the root of the room in one go and repeat the rest of your life. In homes with children, you usually know what is going on in the mornings because you are rushing out of the house, making your life seriously easier. For this reason, everything you use must have a place and it should not change. The first thing you should pay attention to is whether your child decides for each piece to be extracted or given in the nursery arrangement. In fact, this situation can be said to apply to everyone in the family. Nobody decides for someone else's things and everyone has a say in their own space. You may not want to give up any toy when you tell your child that he doesn't want to play and that he is bored and doesn't want to play anymore. In that case you have to give him time and not force him to order.

Where to start?

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“In general terms, your life begins only after you have completely put your house in order.” Marie Kondo

“In general terms, your life begins only after you have completely put your house in order.” Kondo’s claim is entirely true. After the layout, the air of the house and the feeling of freshness make everyone feel good. In this case, your child's room to keep tidy, his creativity and happiness also affects positively. Come on then, start!

Empty all cupboards and drawers, starting with clothes first, and put everything in a specific place in the room. Pick up all the clothes one by one and ask yourself the following questions: Does he wear this outfit? Is the suit suitable for age or height? If your answers are no, dispose of them immediately; Please donate or buy somewhere. If your child is old enough, ask these questions to him; Help him to decide for himself. Place each outfit in the closet so that you can see it all. Don't look for clothes every time you open the closet.

Focus on Toys You Want to Stay

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You can arrange a different box for each category between toys.

Toys are indispensable in every child's room, but you know that more than that destroys creativity. Before you start weeding, separate the toys that your child does not use or is bored of playing with. Tell the toys to thank him for his pleasure and amusement. Tell them now that these toys can make others happy and entertained. Set a new order for her delightful and beloved toys. You can edit a different box for each category. For example, legos in one box, cars in another box, soft toys in another box öğret Teach them that there are a lot of toys and that they should be put in place after playing. At first, though difficult, you will see that it has become a habit over time.

Don't Be Emotional

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You can show off your favorite pieces in a place where everyone can see them.

Don't feel guilty while you're sorting out your own artistic work at school. You can take photos of special day cards such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, paintings, paintings and store them digitally, or you can display your favorite pieces in a place where everyone can see them. You can roll up the pieces that you want to keep but not large enough to be displayed, in an upright position in the roll poster boxes. Remember, your child should decide what to keep and what to keep.

Junk Drawers

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Every child loves order and wants to see the piece he will choose in the crowd.

Places where trinkets are found are the ones that affect your child's creativity the most. The more regular the child works, the more care and produce. Children love order; they want to see each of the crowded tracks and choose from them that way. Take a look at everything in the drawer one by one and separate the ones that work and get rid of the rest. Rearrange the drawer with your child and let him see what is happening. Your child will be able to see everything inside when he pulls the drawer and will enjoy this order and will never want to break it again, you can be sure of that.

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