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A guide to curling curls 

If your hair is straight, you may owe its beauty to your genetic structure. But it is never a coincidence if you have curly and beautiful hair. Electrified, well-maintained and bright curls require lots of care as well as effort. Now, if you follow the…

Beauty & Care

Roadmap for being a Metrosexual Man 

The word “metrosexual” dates back to the 90s. It symbolizes a somewhat cynical look at the well-groomed men of those years. The use of the word üel metrosexual ıyla in the current sense around the world is the post-millennium. The word and the male profile…


Computers that keep the excitement of the game alive 

In our childhood, the games we played with our friends started to replace video games especially with the shrinking playgrounds of big cities. Although there are many researches about the positive and negative aspects of video games, it will not be right to approach the…


A breeze from the sea: Marin Style 

The marin style, which is the timeless trend of the summer months, is renewed with pieces that designers bring together with a modern interpretation every year. The theme of this theme, which always offers functional and stylish pieces in the summer, dates back to the…