For many women, life is intensified, but life becomes more intense after becoming a mother. Women, who assume the responsibility of being home, work and mother together, want to fulfill their duties in full and to make time for them. Although some problems may be encountered in this extremely intense process, planned behavior saves working mothers time; it helps them to streamline their lives. We have compiled practical life suggestions so that working mothers can balance the pace of work and the rush of life with children, and allocate time for themselves and their hobbies. Here are tips to make your life easier …

Early wake up

Working mothers can wake up early and save time for their children. Starting the day a little early is the savior of working mothers. By waking up only half an hour early, he can complete the routine work of the house during this time, so that the things to do at home during the day are not obsessed. A peaceful breakfast provides a dynamic start to the day. Since children can make their breakfast ready in a short time when they wake up, the process of gathering the room and preparing for school is shortened.

The next day, getting ready for the habit becomes the biggest savior of working mothers.

Preparing for Hangover

It is sometimes difficult to predict what will be needed the next day, but it is absolutely impossible to determine your routine needs and complete your evening's preparation. For this reason, working mothers can easily save time during the day by making preparations in advance for what they do routinely. Whether at the weekend or during the week, this habit makes life easier for working mothers. According to the weather, the next day to choose the clothes to wear, prepare the items you want to take with the evening bag to put; both the next day to worry about his belongings as well as to spend time by remaining undecided. Working mothers, who bring the same habit to their children, make the preparation process of their children as easy as that. In this way, working mothers, so to speak two birds with one stone.


The mothers' bag contains essential items that must always be present. These include what she may need for her children and her own special needs. Especially in the early years of motherhood, spare clothes, vests, socks, cardigans, spare cloths, muslin cloths, wet wipes or blankets may be needed. Besides, carrying books or toys suitable for children's developmental period can be a rescue for mothers when children are bored. Snacks are among the things that shouldn't be missing from your mother's bag. Children can get hungry in a very short time, so mothers should always be prepared for a mini-feeding session. Children's food can be easily carried by their mothers with appropriate storage containers. Working mothers can easily carry the cookies or seasonal fruits they prepare at home. Instead of carrying two bags, he can also add his personal belongings to this bag and gain practicality. For all this, your mother needs to be well organized. Refreshing the items in her bag makes it easier for the mother to work when she needs it again.

Choosing frozen foods saves working mothers extra time.

Choosing Practical Meals

Preparing for dinner helps mothers who are working and tired from work to save time and spend more time resting. Working mothers can save time by exchanging food for work. It can minimize the cooking time with practical methods that will be used when cooking. With the food they keep in the freezer, they get rid of the long food preparation sessions. Healthy vegetables pre-shocked in the freezer, ready-to-cook meatballs, dough pastries, lahmacuns, cookie dough, pizza or boiled legumes can be stored easily and for a long time. Parsley, dill and green onions after washing and drying in the refrigerator saves time. In addition, peeled garlic in a jar filled with olive oil makes working mothers practicality during the cooking process.

Home Appliances

Household appliances, when used correctly, reduce the time that working mothers spend doing household chores. The tumble dryer is a great help for mothers with limited time. Drying the laundry with the drying machine after the washing reduces the drying time of the laundry and allows the mothers to move more planned. In addition, the dryer prevents the laundry from wrinkling, and there is no need for ironing for most clothes. While drying the laundry in a short time, it also saves mothers from ironing. This prevents working mothers from wasting unnecessary time by waiting for the laundry to dry and ironing. The other household appliance that gives mothers practicality is the hand broom! The kitchen that needs the most cleaning is at home. Instead of getting tired by carrying the wired vacuum cleaner to the kitchen whenever it is needed, a tiny hand vacuum cleaner provides both application convenience and saves time. Mothers who work after the meal or at the end of the day can sweep the kitchen practically. Another helper is the folding wizard! This space-saving tool saves time when folding clothes, and folds all clothes in the same size to help keep the closet tidy at all times. To examine practical household appliances; Hepsiburada Home Electronics Products category.