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Mother & Baby

Survival Guide for Working Mothers 

For many women, life is intensified, but life becomes more intense after becoming a mother. Women, who assume the responsibility of being home, work and mother together, want to fulfill their duties in full and to make time for them. Although some problems may be…

Mother & Baby

Toy Guide for Children 0-1 Years Old 

Toys that they can feel, see, shake and make sound are among the newborn toys. The first years of babies are very valuable for their physical, mental and emotional development. For newborns, the world officially looks like a flood of information; babies, who are very…

Beauty & Care

A guide to curling curls 

If your hair is straight, you may owe its beauty to your genetic structure. But it is never a coincidence if you have curly and beautiful hair. Electrified, well-maintained and bright curls require lots of care as well as effort. Now, if you follow the…