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Movies Inspiring Halloween Makeup 

Halloween, or Halloween as everyone knows, is one of the most special days to give celebrators a chance to be creative. Think about it, you can be anything or anyone you want. Heidi Klum, the most famous celebrity of this subject, becomes unrecognizable at his…


Makeup Case Winter Update 

Summer is over in the blink of an eye and now we have a long winter ahead. Even though we cannot enter the winter weather due to the rise and fall of the heat during October, our skin cannot remain unresponsive to these changes. Now…


Best Makeup Trends from the 90s 

Makeup is like an experience that every woman starts with enthusiasm in a period of her life and then either develops well or becomes bored and simplified. Cosmetic habits such as the change of fashion and trends during the seasons have changed a lot. For…


New Generation Christmas Makeup 

Glitters, glitter and assertive colors are indispensable for Christmas party makeup. However, it is possible to create more adult and restrained looks by using them without exaggeration. We share two different makeup step by step while you say goodbye to 2018. Forget metallic details Because…