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How to Wear: 1 Trench Coat 4 Style 

The most beautiful part of autumn is the exciting period that starts with the new season. Autumn is a season full of innovations, with fresh clothes, a fresh era, an air that revives after the summer and the colors of nature. The most beautiful piece…


IMA: Minimalist Style 

Istanbul Fashion Academy has reinterpreted minimalism with Styling students in the new period. Discover the most beautiful frames from the photo shoot of students creating minimalist combinations in a male style. Example: ayşe asaad Example: ayşe asaad View didem's Full Profile View didem's Full Profile…


Retro Clothing Style Journey to the Past 

The self-repeating cycle of fashion is on the agenda again in 2019 with retro breezes! The fact that history consists of repetition must also apply to the constant fate of the fashion world. Inspired by the past since the 1960s, designs and objects are classified…


A breeze from the sea: Marin Style 

The marin style, which is the timeless trend of the summer months, is renewed with pieces that designers bring together with a modern interpretation every year. The theme of this theme, which always offers functional and stylish pieces in the summer, dates back to the…