CES, which takes place in Las Vegas, USA, is one of the most important consumer electronics fairs in the world. If you are interested in technology, you should follow the events, exhibitions and presentations at CES. The highlights of the fair can also help you discover the latest trends in the near future. What issues were discussed at this year's fair and what technologies were the trends? We have compiled the technological trends of CES 2019 for you.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented reality and virtual reality applications are now appearing in many different sectors. AR and VR products exhibited at CES 2019 show that these technologies will mark the coming period. HTC Vive Pro Eye HTC's Vive Pro Eye is a VR equipped with eye tracking technology. The eye tracking feature of the set allows the user to navigate the interface in a more functional way.

The virtual reality sector, which marked the CES 2019 fair, can grow rapidly in the coming years.

Various products were introduced in CES 2019 in the areas of augmented reality and mixed reality. The general trend in these products was to simplify the designs and increase the functionality. For example, we can say that the AR glasses offered by the Lumus brand have a design close to normal glasses. Offering an ideal field of view, the model manages to project quality images to the users. The size and shape of the Nreal brand mixed reality glasses presented at the fair also provide a functional experience for the end user.

Autonomous Vehicles and Moving Cars

At CES 2019 there were also trends that would change the future of transport. We can say that the innovative tools exhibited at the fair have many different functions. For example, walking cars. The Hyundai brand Elevate was presented to the exhibitors with its walking car concept. When wheels are not suitable for terrain conditions, shoes with wheels on the end can be used. Hyundai believes that the Elevate may be particularly suitable for situations like search and rescue.

At the fair, it is possible to find traces of how technology will transform the transport sector.

One of the interesting experimental vehicles of CES 2019 is the flying taxi called Nexus which is offered by Bell. For now, the conceptual model resembles science fiction films. In the future it is not too far to travel with flying taxis. The fair was also very efficient on motorcycles. LiveWire, an electric motorcycle introduced by the Harley-Davidson brand, became one of the colorful designs of the fair and attracted the attention of many viewers. The autonomous motorcycle introduced by BMW at the fair was really interesting with its different concept.

Artificial Intelligence and Personal Robots

One of the topics that marked CES 2019 was artificial intelligence. We can say that IBM's Watson AI system, which is one of the artificial intelligence elements in the fair, has received intense interest. Apparently; Artificial intelligence applications and devices supported by these applications, which have been found in the world of technology for a long time, will be discussed much in the coming years. Already in CES 2019, one of the main issues in the speeches and discussions was the present day of artificial intelligence and the future of VR.

Looking at the events at the fair, it is possible to observe not only artificial intelligence, but also the effects of fields such as the Internet of objects and machine learning on consumer electronics. In particular, smart home systems were among the most frequently encountered technologies at the fair. In addition, voice assistants have proven to be among the trends in technology that are increasingly popular. We can also say that intelligent assistant systems are not limited to sound. In many corners of the fair, the users met the assistant robots of famous companies.

8K Resolution and Foldable Displays

It's hard to keep up with the development of television. As CES 2019 confirms this, it has managed to impress audiences with new TV technologies. The most prominent trend in the fair was the 8K resolution televisions. We do not exaggerate if experienced companies such as Samsung, Sony and LG made a sticker with 8K resolution models. The 8K trend, supported by a variety of processors and display technologies, is likely to become popular on television in the coming years.

In CES 2019, there were also presentations on TV technologies.

One of the interesting products at the fair was the folding TV model produced by the LG brand. In fact, it is more accurate to say that it can curl, because when you do not watch the television can stand in the bottom of the curl. Curved screens reach the enormous dimensions of the television in our room, especially when it does not work in front of the floor. The curled screen is among the most interesting CES images of this year's fair.

5G Mobile Communication Technologies

One of the prominent trends in CES 2019 was 5G technology in the field of telecommunications. Smart phone concepts that will support this ambitious technology were among the remarkable shares of the fair. 5G phone concepts from brands such as Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi have shown that this technology will often be available in the near future. 5G technology, which will determine the telecommunication trends of the coming years, seems to change our smartphone usage habits.

CES 2019 has an important place in consumer technology in the world. For this reason, many technology brands attach great importance to this fair. If you want to have an idea about the technologies that will mark the near future, one of the important fairs you should follow is CES 2019. In this fair, you will have the opportunity to use many television-like products that you see as a concept and prototype in the coming years. If you want to have televisions already available to major consumers, you can check out Hepsiburada's “Audio Visual Systems” category.