Even if you have the best player computer and you don't start with the best gaming equipment, it is almost impossible to be a partner in the er gamer ’community.

“Instrument prides itself on hand, ler they said. Having insufficient gaming equipment, even if you are the best player in the world, can quickly push you to the bottom of the list. 7.1 headphones, a mechanical keyboard or a good mouse pad to get all the sounds işte Here are a few tips for those who say “gaming equipment matters”.


To be able to fully hear the sounds in the game is undoubtedly one of the biggest needs of the headset. At the same time the key to staying in touch for team games, headphones meet buyers at a wide range of prices.

The need for the iyi best device Oyuncu in gamer headsets is now provided by models that offer a 360-degree surround sound experience with mechanical drivers. These models, with names like 7.1 or 5.1, can have a mechanical sound driver at the rate of these figures, which allows the person to use the headset to really control the sounds around him.

Despite their high price tags, these headphones allow you to hear the slightest noise, especially in battleground games, and with their high ergonomic features and built-in microphones, you can stay connected to the excitement of the game for long hours. Unfortunately, the models that come up with more affordable prices and try to provide this environmental sound experience with ‘virtual’ drives are unfortunately not quite successful.

Good brand, get our

Buying a standard headset of a good brand instead of a headset with virtual sound drivers can often lead to better results. Whichever model you prefer; Make sure you have a control on the headphone cable, have gold-plated inputs if you prefer a wired model, support current bluetooth connection methods if your preference is for wireless models, and most importantly, fit ergonomically to your ear.


Among the computer equipment, keyboards are the most exposed to the highest voltage and longest. If you press a key thousands of times and it remains in operation for as long as possible, it is only possible to purchase the best keyboards.

The “mechanical lav keyboards produced for such situations come to the aid of the players. Unlike standard models, the mechanical models offer a separate mechanical key for each key and stand out with their key life of up to 70 million keys. With an average key life of 10 times longer than a regular keyboard, these models not only outperform the quality factor, but also significantly outperform standard keyboards.

With the fastest reaction time, the mechanical models allow you to react instantly to situations that develop in the game, as well as providing a precise handling experience with installed technical structures to deliver the applied pressure in the most accurate manner.


To date, the most sensitive equipment for gamers has always been the mouse. Mouse that allows you to manage all your activity within the game; Reaction speed, task keys, quality, sensitivity to a wide range of issues ranging from a wide range.

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to the mouse is “DPI” or “Dot Per Inc. d The dpi term defined as the number of dots per inch of the optical drive on the mouse tells us how sensitive the mouse is. The standard dpi range is between 700-1300 and can be increased to 5000 dpi on player models.

Navigate settings at the touch of a button

In the best player models, you can set these values ​​in several different levels by means of the software prepared by the manufacturer and you can switch between these settings with a button on the mouse. The term ‘macro’ used for such keys allows you to assign not only sensitivity but also commands within the game to the keys on the mouse.

In addition to important issues such as sensitivity and macro, cable choice and ergonomics are also very important. Just like with headphones, cable-powered models never have a problem with the battery, but a high data transfer rate is the choice. In contrast, wireless models promise a much easier operation.

Mouse pad

The choice of mouse is important, but not the mouse pad? It is important to use the right pad to get the most out of your mouse. These products, which have more features than you think, have details that will complement your gaming experience.

Available in hard form for less friction or in soft form for more friction, the models are designed to accurately reflect lasers from the mouse. The hardness, which also affects user comfort, can vary according to the games played and personal preferences.

For example, ‘speed ünde in the description section of the products means high speed and‘ control ’refers to suitability for use with lower dpi. The sensitivity you need according to the type of game you play is more accessible with the mouse pad you use.

Two in one

The large size allows both the keyboard and mouse to be kept on the models, these two equipment to prevent slipping. The aesthetically appealing details such as led borders with the new generation products are presented to the players.

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