Internet and computer technologies, which have become an integral part of life, continue to evolve day by day. The development of technology is accelerating thanks to technology companies that spend effort and money on this subject. Some of these companies, who started their business life in a basement, in a garage and in a caravan, now dominate the hundreds of billion dollar technology market.

Initially, the dispersed technology companies began to gather in certain areas and to carry out their activities around these centers. Governments, universities and large investors are supported by today's examples of this way of working is called technopark. The first and most famous of this type, Silicon Valley.

What is Silicon Valley?

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Silicon Valley is the name of the region that hosts today's major technology companies. It is located in San Jose, California, in the San Francisco Valley in the US state of California. The reason why the region is called ilikon Silicon Valley dır is related to the presence of a large number of silicon chip manufacturers in this region. The valley, which has a history of nearly fifty years, is still home to the world's most important technology companies.

The centers of the world's most important technology companies are located in Silicon Valley.

History of Silicon Valley

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Stanford University has been instrumental in the formation and development of Silicon Valley. The institution, which is one of the most respected universities in America, has supported its students to work on technology in this region. General Electric and Kodak are examples of the first large companies in the valley. Following these firsts, the brands that have become the biggest technology companies in the world have taken their place in the valley rapidly. Google, Oracle, Apple, Intel, HP, Facebook, Twitter, Cisco are the first examples that come to mind.

Life in Silicon Valley

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Silicon valley; most preferred by entrepreneurs, university graduates and investors wishing to invest in technology. In addition to the head offices of large companies in the region, there is also the possibility to work in shared offices called Co-working Space. Such regions are particularly evaluated by those who prefer free mode of operation. Silicon Valley is the most important technology center in the world and therefore attracts a lot of migration. Companies operating in the valley provide suitable and attractive environments for their employees. For the convenience of the employees, many services are provided free of charge to the employees by the companies. Nevertheless, contracted work is not a very preferred mode of employment among the regional employees. Therefore, it is also very easy for employees to switch between companies. In this sense, it is seen that the region is a region receiving external brain drain and there is a continuous brain drain among firms. Silicon Valley stands out as a highly productive workplace. In Silicon Valley, production processes take place very quickly. Every mistake and error is corrected in a short time and every innovative thought is evaluated immediately.

Silicon Valley is not just the technology center; it is also a center of entertainment and culture.

The Secret Behind Silicon Valley Success

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Silicon Valley has maintained its title of being the most recognized technology center for a long time thanks to both being the first and the ecosystem it creates. The leading position of the valley, of course, is not a coincidence. This success was achieved through certain criteria.

Silicon Valley is an area that is supported by both the universities and the government and thanks to this feature, it is in demand of the private sector. When the manpower provided by universities, state facilities and the financial power of the private sector are added, Silicon Valley becomes an important technology production area. The valley's market share is around one trillion dollars. The region, which receives brain drain from many parts of the world, offers intelligent entrepreneurs ways to become rich in a short time.

Silicon Valley for Investors and Entrepreneurs

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The region is one of the most important investment areas of strong investors. Investors who understand the spreading speed of technological products in the world and want to take place in the world market with the right product, especially prefer the region. This means that entrepreneurs seeking investors will also provide financial support in a short time. Silicon Valley, an oasis of technology, is not only the headquarters of technology producing companies; it is also a center of attraction with conference centers, entertainment centers and luxury hotels. These features make it easier for investors to come to the region and get to know the region. The region is also a school for young entrepreneurs. The region, where many companies are involved in every field of technology, also offers an environment where people who have a reputation for technology are together. Working in the same environment with world-renowned and successful people creates a very encouraging atmosphere for the younger generation.

In Silicon Valley, investors and entrepreneurs can easily get together.

Technopark Concept

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Technoparks, which have been established for a long time in the world and in our country, are based on a Silicon Valley-like operation. These fields, which are usually established within universities, give entrepreneurs and students the opportunity to work together. Companies that carry out studies on R & D activities and university units that operate in this field can work together. Technoparks, which are also supported by governments, are the centers where technology development companies are in demand because they are centers where technological opportunities are cheaper and more easily accessible. The increase in technoparks and production of technology in these centers provides economic benefits and reduces the dependence on technology.