The newly opened Cup in Istanbul, where the coffee culture is developing, is the representative of the new coffee stream third wave coffee in Istanbul. We asked the owner of the Cup and also of Corvus Mert Soley, where this brand new coffee flow came from, and we took every detail of this cafe for you.

Could you briefly talk about the 3rd wave coffee shop trend? a concept prevalent in Turkey?

We can call the Third Wave Coffee stream as “a kind of wine business” as soon as possible. In other words, it is a trend aiming to highlight the flavors and flavors obtained from the soil where the coffee bean grows, and even the farm where it grows.

In this way, you can discover the unique identity, aroma, body and similar features of each coffee bean and choose the coffee that suits your taste.

Just like the choice of grapes and growers in your wine preferences.

The roasting profiles that are essential in this trend, the less, that is, if you roast a lighter color, the more you get local flavors, the more, that is, the farther you roast, the more distant from their local flavors, similar, fast commercial concerns where carbon flavors are intense. you reach food coffees and chains, this current is called the second wave.

Turkey is very new trend about two years ago began about twenty six in the last year the shop number ulaştı.b is raging for nearly ten own coffee of third wave coffee shops, others will provide the intense interest of consumers ediyorlar.ancak supply of torrid and curiosity of the rapid growth of this movement looks like.

In fact, a coffee festival is held for the first time on 25-28 December 2014. Istanbulcoffeefestival is held in Karaköy Galata Greek School.

What is the characteristic of the coffee that you offer to your customers, where is it produced?

Our coffees that we offer to our customers are coffee beans of various continents and countries such as South America, Africa, Arabian Peninsula, Far East, which are grown in various countries of the world.

What is the story of the Cup?

Cup Third Wave Ccooffee Shop started out with the motto “not only in the spelling of the difference” on the way, because Cup will also grow up in Corvus' little brother, that is, he will be like his brother.

Since the third wave of coffee making is called a sort of winemaking, then we should have realized our experience and success in this business, both for ourselves and for real coffee lovers, so we set off about six months ago.

What is the cup's most famous coffee and dessert? Which ones would you recommend to our readers?

The most diverse experience for Cup Third Wave Ccooffee Shop visitors will be “Nel drip”, which is made with the drip technique, with our “cold brew” coffee that we distilled with +1 degree cold water in about ten hours.

It is quite different from the coffee flavors we are used to.

Coffee, brewed with my favorite coffee, “Chemex”, I drink it every day, and you will drink a velvety, soft, clear coffee without any sugar or milk.

Besides, you can try our own production of black pepper chocolate mousse or our lemon decorated tart.

I am sure, you tried different coffees in many places, what is the place where you can not forget and drink the best coffee there?

In many good coffee shops, I had a variety of delicious coffee experiences, all of them were beautiful from each other. It was really hard to say one was better than the other, but the one I remember most was the natural pulped Ethiopia Yirgacheffe I made at Toronto Dark Horse Coffee.

What are your plans for the Cup, are you planning to open other branches?

The priority of our Cup-related plans is the completion of the maturation process, and we are planning to open other branches when the time comes.

Telephone: 0212 260 54 70

Address: Şair Nedim Caddesi 5, Akaretler, Beşiktaş

Instagram: @cupthirdwave

Interview: Bige Gürsoy

Photographs: Mehmet Belkıran

Photographs: Mehmet Belkıran

Interview: Bige Gürsoy