Toys that they can feel, see, shake and make sound are among the newborn toys.

The first years of babies are very valuable for their physical, mental and emotional development. For newborns, the world officially looks like a flood of information; babies, who are very eager to learn from their environment and from the world, begin to absorb every information they experience as sponges from the moment they are born. The more adequate and high quality stimulus the baby meets in the 0-1 year-old period, the more positive the intelligence development is affected. Toys play a major role in the child's life during the development process. Every toy he experiences develops his imagination and creative talents while helping his mind, body and social development. Every child needs different games and toys for their age. For this reason, it is important that every toy you choose for your baby is age-appropriate, encouraging and safe. Toys that will support the development of children between 0-1 years old include soft plush toys, colored balls, mirrors and rattling sounds. In other words, toys that they can feel, see, hold in their hands, shake and make sound are among the newborn toys. After the baby is 6 months old, it starts to attract attention such as plastic cups, large pieces of legos, wooden blocks and talking books that can be filled and emptied. The choice of toys falls to the parents of the business. With this comprehensive toy guide, you can learn what kind of toy provides benefits for your baby from birth to 1 year.

Development of Visual and Auditory Emotions

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Babies learn the cause-and-effect relationship through rattle-style toys.

Rattles, which are usually made of wood, plastic or fabric, are among the most useful toys in the development of babies in the newborn period. Available in black and white or in color, rattle-type toys can be of different shapes and textures. Most rattles can produce sounds in different tones as well as battery powered rattles that press the keys, flashing colors or playing a lullaby. First of all, your baby learns the cause-effect relationship with these rattle-style toys. Learning to sound when you shake something or to activate something when you push a button reinforces your baby's sense of curiosity and makes them more eager to learn. Keeping the rattle, not your baby, and shaking it improves your baby's visual tracking ability. With his eyes, he learns to follow a moving object. Babies learn to hold tightly between the fingers before rattle during the newborn period; then, as the fine motor development becomes stronger, it begins to pass the rattle from one hand to another.

Visual Development and Body Coordination

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Ball toys that strengthen the coordination of eye movements with body movements can be made of fabric or plastic.

Your baby's eye coordination begins to develop as a colorful ball follows the rolling of the ground with his eyes. These balls, which she can reach out and touch, teach the baby how to use her hands and eyes in a coordinated way. While your baby observes how the balls roll away from the field of vision and suddenly appear again and again, he starts crawling and reinforces the concepts of near-far by crawling after the rolling balls. Ball toys that strengthen the coordination of eye movements with body movements can be made of fabric or plastic. On the other hand, the activity balls in different textures, which play sound, press the buttons on it, enable your baby to develop and strengthen the different surfaces, softness and cause-effect relationship in the best way.

Touch and Discover Yourself

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Babies enjoy seeing their own faces and enjoying them.

In the newborn period, babies can only see objects standing in front of them and at close range. When you're six months old, the visibility is improved. For this reason, newborn babies can take great pleasure in examining their parents' faces in the early days. The baby is familiar with the human face and enjoys seeing and examining his own face. The mirrors are usually positioned between the soft toys in a protective manner or on the sides of the bed so that the baby can see itself. Seeing the true reflection in the mirror, your baby begins to discover his own face. She talks to herself, notices her facial expressions, and her brain development is positively affected.

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Choosing plush toys made from healthy and natural materials is of great importance for your baby who is just developing.

At the end of your 6-month period, you can buy soft, plush-type toys to support your confidence and emotional development. During this period, babies choose their favorite toy and connect with it. Your baby can sleep together with the plush toy to improve sleep quality. As we talk to her and become friends, her social development and her sense of trust are supported. Choosing plush toys made from healthy and natural materials is of great importance for your baby who is just developing. When buying this type of toys, it is recommended that you do not have any parts that may break. Soft toys with any ribbon, plastic eye or ornament present a danger to the little babies who put everything in their mouths.

Brain Development and Hand Eye Coordination

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You can read to her in short periods before sleep so you can support the development of the perception of reading from a young age.

Your child's acquaintance with books before the age of 1 has a positive effect on brain development. You can put the books that you buy in accordance with their development and age into their toys and let them touch and discover them. You can read to her in short periods before sleep and you can support the development of perception of reading from a young age. During this period, when choosing a book for your baby who can distinguish between black and white colors, if you pay attention to the colors of black and white weight, your baby will attract more attention. In addition, because babies discover everything by mouth during these periods, it will be healthier to choose books that contain thick pages and do not contain harmful substances. Cloth books, fun textiles with different textures, sounds that make your teeth or scratch your teeth may be among your choices.

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Your baby develops cognitive and logical relationship skills through the intertwined containers.

Your baby is introduced to wooden blocks for 6 months, which supports the development of fine motor skills. With blocks that support many developments such as inserting & removing, grasping, grasping, holding objects using two fingers, your baby learns while producing with pleasure. In addition, the wooden blocks support hand-eye coordination and support the development of major motor development. While understanding the cause-and-effect relationship, your baby produces new worlds and develops cognitive and logical relationship skills through intertwined containers. While your baby recognizes different sizes, it reinforces the concept of big and small thanks to the nested containers.

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