Nowadays, when almost all of the new generation vehicles are produced with car multimedia systems with color screens, there is no chance for your old style CDs or cassette players.

Now, many cars coming out of the factory meet users with infotainment systems with color and touch screen. Offering many features such as mobile phone connectivity, video playback, USB connectivity, these multimedia systems can be easily purchased and implemented not only for those who buy 0 kilometer vehicles but also for automobile users with an old cassette player in their vehicle.

Car multimedia systems, which can easily replace existing CD players and offer much more entertainment than that, can also feature features such as mobile phone integrations and a reversing camera to enhance your driving experience. When the features are varied, the subject can change exactly what you want.

7-inch display on a 2000 model car!

If the space available in your current car's audio system is limited, the models with folding screens run to help with the size of a normal cassette player. When the system is started, the inward-folded screen slowly comes out of hiding and is surprised; Your 2000 model car has a 7-inch color display.

These screens, which are mostly designed as LEDs, are also presented with fixed panels manufactured specifically for brand and model. Unlike folding screens, you need to check that this type of multimedia system is compatible with your vehicle.

Although many companies that manufacture in-car imaging and car multimedia systems produce this according to different models, this may unfortunately not apply to every car.

Nested with your mobile phone

One of the main reasons for the choice of in-car video and multimedia systems is mobile phone connectivity. Connection options, which enable you to make your phone calls in a much safer way while traveling, as well as allowing you to access the audio and video on your mobile phone, are at an important point during the choice.

Mobile phone integration systems such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are among the most sought-after features. Using these methods, it is possible to create a fast and easy connection, through which you can manage some of the applications on your phone from the multimedia screen of your vehicle.

If these two methods cannot be used, a good bluetooth connection is essential. Although the wired methods prevent the connection from being broken, the need to use continuous cables in the vehicle can turn into grind after a while.

Is it a system suitable for application use?

These multimedia systems, which often come with Android-based operating systems, allow you to install applications through the Play Store. But some video systems may not have this kind of freedom.

In order to avoid such situations, you need to determine whether the device you intend to purchase allows you to install new applications. For example, if your product does not have a navigation program and you need to download an application to get this service, make sure you don't have problems.

Some in-car video and multimedia systems can host navigation-known brands and applications for free. But keep in mind that most of these free uses are limited to 2 or 3 years, and you must pay a fee to use this application later.

Is video support sufficient?

As one of the most popular video formats on mobile devices and computers, mp4 may not play on the multimedia system you purchased. At this point, you should include this in your checklist before purchasing steps and evaluate the devices on your radar according to this criterion.

Although watching videos, movies and similar images during driving creates a danger to driving safety, the small family will not say no to a cartoon played through the multimedia system. Note how many formats the device you want to purchase supports different types of videos for easy playback.

What about the extras…

It is now possible to access the rear view camera, which is on the list of equipment of many cars, with car multimedia systems. However, in order to use this feature, the device you plan to purchase must have a camera input.

This is not always the case even though many manufacturers offer the rear camera with the multimedia system to use this feature. Any rear-view camera will help you if you are faced with such a situation. However, make sure this camera is resistant to external influences such as water and dust.

Various features such as USB input, AV output, remote control, AUX input and voice command can help you spend much easier and more enjoyable time with your purchase.

Now, if you have a table in your mind that suits your needs, let's take you all to the in-car multimedia display systems page.