sports nutrition supplement industry is growing in different forms in Turkey, is manifested by contributions referred to as supplement. The growth of the market brought along certain debates, as in the world. The most frequently asked question is also clear: are they working?

The answer to this question is YES… But a conditional yes…

It is useful to correct the most frequent misconception right at the beginning of our article. To think that sports supplements work alone is unfortunately a mistake frequently made in our country too.

No sports food will not work without doing sports, moving, without spending a certain amount of energy. After reminding this basic condition, let's list our suggestions.

Start sports first

Start sports first, before any research or shopping for sports supplements. Begin an exercise program under the supervision of a doctor, after you have taken the necessary tests if possible, especially after understanding that your heart and circulatory system is healthy. Try a body first, understand where you have difficulty. You cannot understand what additives your body needs without pushing your limits. Challenge yourself first for the right choice. Do not spend money for the points you can reach without any additives, do not add unnecessary supplements to you.

Get help from experts

The sports food industry will reach you as soon as you start sports and search the internet for it. With different advertisements, convincing messages, he will explain the benefits and effects of his products.

However, every body is different. Many other values ​​of every person, especially blood and respiration, vary. So get ideas from the ads, of course, but get the essential information from the experts. Do not go shopping without getting information from your doctor, sports trainer, relatives who are trained in this business.

So what do they really do?

We have already said that they did not work without doing sports. Another mistake is that they can be seen as a “doping” substance and they will increase the sportive performance… These types of drugs are prohibited because they cause serious damage to the body and are used only in severe diseases when the body is very weak. Sports foods do not give extra strength. They put it in place, make it easier and allow the body to benefit more effectively from sports.

Put back what you lost

One of the main functions of sports foods and drinks is to replace the minerals lost during sports. Sports not only burn carbohydrates and melt fat in your body, it also reduces the level of many minerals and vitamins. Sports drinks, in particular, replace these lost critical items. Thus, continuity is provided in physical activities.

Do not take what you have already received

Your diet is very regular and efficient. You already get protein, vitamin and minerals from foods. Your body's capacity to process these nutrients is also in place … Then focus your sports food shopping on different functions, not on basic protein / vitamin diets. It may cause health problems to take the items you already buy through normal nutrition as well as extra. Do your calorie calculations well, determine what your body needs with the help of experts.

There is no substance to relieve your fatigue

It tire sports, it is good for fatigue and you will see its benefits when you get tired. The items taken as “I am tired of sports, I take this substance to revive” are probably harmful stimulants. Sports nutrients generally prevent your muscles from getting tired, pulling and cramping through minerals, preventing injuries. But it does not prevent your whole body from getting tired. The best way to relieve your fatigue after doing sports is a good sleep.

Our body has certain limits

If you are doing sports with a cardio effect of more than 1 hour at least 5 times a day or week, you will definitely need a contribution after a certain time. It is difficult for our bodies to remove the performance of professional athletes. Resisting “never taking reinforcements from outside” also harms your body. In particular, minimizing electrolyte losses that come with excessive water loss prevents serious health problems.

Taking to lose weight

Exercises to lose weight are normally much more difficult, requiring you to spend a lot of energy. If you are on this type of adventure, examine the appropriate sports nutrition and “Take it to Give”… A program that is aimed at losing fat without taking any supplements will cause permanent losses and cause your lost weight to return in a short time. Therefore, it is important to take a nutritional supplement according to your program.

These are basically the things you need to pay attention to. It is difficult for you to find a diet specific to your body and a sports supplement recommendation on the Internet. Information pollution is high. It is best to consult a specialist. To avoid fugitive and counterfeit products called under-the-counter production, we recommend shopping online from trusted sites.