If you think that cold weather is not suitable for taking action, increasing the dose of excitement and doing sports, you are wrong. If you want to reach the summit of adrenaline with sport in winter, different individual and team sports are waiting for you. With the sports you can do in the snow in the nature or on the ice in the enclosed areas, the pleasure of doing sports in winter conditions increases to the highest level. How about getting to know lots of fun and exciting winter sports from skiing to ice skating, snowboarding to blindling?

Mak Starting skiing opens the doors to many winter sports on snow. ”

Skiing that forms the basis of winter sports

Skiing, winter sports, everyone interested in the basic branch of knowledge; because it is the basis of many winter sports. Freestyle, North Combined, ski jumping, ski running Alpine discipline, such as television is often watched branches are always popular. All of its sub-branches, which have different rules, go through learning freestyle skiing first. If you know how to accelerate in skiing, stop in balance, fall down and be placed right on the ground after passing through a rug, you can try your skills in the exciting sub-branches.

Yolu A way to show off your shooting and skiing skills at the same time on a challenging course. ”

Combine your shooting skills with skiing: Biathlon

The history of biathlon, a sport where skiing meets shooting, dates back to the 18th century. Born in Scandinavia, the biathlon is based on military origin, but it is now a professional sport and takes part in the winter Olympics. Biathlon, 20 males; for women, it consists of a 15 km track and has 4 firing sections. The athletes who come to the shooting section with their skis return to ski again by hitting the targets with their rifles but they do not take their 3.5 kg rifles from the shooting zones. Rifles are carried on athletes' back during the race. Sprint distances to 10 and 7.5 km, while the division of the shot is reduced to two. There are two basic rules about equipment. The skis are less than 4 cm shorter than the athlete's neck; the batons used should not exceed the height of the athlete.

Spor Sport where speed, aesthetics and unlimited excitement intersect. ”

Adrenaline is the highest level: Snowboard

The second adrenaline tank that comes to mind after skiing is snowboarding. Compared to skiing, snowboarding is more challenging to learn and can be done as a skill race full of technical moves on private tracks or as a professional sport based on completing a track. If you're between being a professional athlete while snowboarding or choosing extreme sports, you need to listen to your skills. If you can jump over obstacles and fall on your two legs in a controlled way, it is up to you to open the doors of adrenaline and passion when you fully dominate the snowboar.

Olun Get ready to meet a motor sport on snow. ”

Motor racing on snow: Snocross

Source: snowkingmountain

Snocross (snowcross), also known as snowmobile, combines snowmobiles that have become widespread all over the world since the 1950s. For snocross in places similar to runways / parks in classic motocross races, of course, the whole runway needs to be covered with snow. These slopes can be created in the natural areas of the ski centers or can be used artificially in some areas. The most important features of the track are bends that require hard bends and jumps. Snocross, one of the newest members of the extreme sports world, has no difficulty in creating its own economy with an increasing audience each year. Mainly in the United States and Canada, the sport is spreading rapidly in Europe. Being a part of the big organizations organized in countries like Sweden, USA and Canada is going through a long and patience learning process, but those who taste once say that they are intertwined with a sport that they will never break again.

“You can explore your skills with ice skating, which makes ice fun.”

Dancing on Ice: Ice Skating

Ice skating, which is one of the most enjoyable activities in winter especially in many entertainment centers, is the foundation of many sports on ice just like skiing. Ice skating, which can be easily learned by children and adults, is also one of the most enjoyable activities of the winter months for families. The fact that skates that allow you to move on ice can be rented on the tracks where you will take lessons or have fun, makes it easy to step on ice skates. Figure skating, ice dancing and speed skating stand out as the three most popular sub-branches worldwide. Figure skating is known as the version of artistic gymnastics on ice. In ice dance, dance figures come together with ice skating techniques; speed skating is done on private tracks. Especially in speed skating, the adrenaline reaches its peak.

“The best way to use your mind and strategy skills on ice.”

Chess on Ice: Curling / Curling

Winter sports enthusiasts are familiar with the sport during the season, adrenaline and excitement, physical power, rather than intelligence and talent emerges. Surprisingly, one of the oldest sports in the world, blindling dates back to the 16th century. The first club in the sport born in Dunblane, Scotland, is founded in the 18th century. For many years, curling has been using six flat stones from rivers and terrains. Frozen rivers and artificially prepared frozen ponds are used as playgrounds. Nowadays, although blindling halls provide the opportunity to do sports in all seasons, including most of the 20th century, blindling is an outdoor sport. 16-19. Through centuries of heavy winter, blindling is the most popular sport in Scotland. In the nineteenth century, Scottish immigrants first introduced to Canada and then to the United States for a game of intelligence and strategy on ice. With the introduction of Sweden and Switzerland in Europe at the end of the 19th century, blindling became one of the most popular sports in the world long before football and basketball. Blindling, which is recognized at every point where the winter months are snowy with the 20th century, is included in the Olympics for the first time in 1924 and is also performed as an outdoor sport.

Curling, at first seems to be dull and boring, but when viewed several times, it is clear what a great source of adrenaline it is. In curling, attention, strategy knowledge, talent and intelligence must be used very well at the same time. At the end of each round in the area marked on the opposite side of the field, the game is based on having the stone closest to the center, the game stone made of granite with a handle to control it, sliding on ice by the shooter and reaching the opposite side with the help of sweepers. The sweepers move at the same speed as the stone and sweep the path of the stone and give direction or speed to the stone. Blindling, known as chess on ice due to the pushing of the limits of the mind, is played in front of the tribunes full from the first rounds in winter olympic games and holds a special place among many sports with this aspect.

Buz Ice hockey awaits you to experience the feeling of teaming and scoring on ice. ”

The most exciting team sport on ice: Ice Hockey

Ice hockey, which is the scene of two rivalry struggles on ice, is among the top sports in many countries such as USA, Canada, Sweden, Czech Republic and Russia. In the sport, which has a history dating back to the 19th century, the disc called pak is controlled by sticks and the athletes use ice skates to provide movement. Similar to the best basketball players in the NBA, the stars of ice hockey also play in the NHL, which includes US and Canadian teams. Ice hockey, which you can switch to after you learn to move fast in ice skates and stay in balance, stands out as one of the popular sports in the world. Ice hockey, which has a professional league in our country, is quickly known for the success of the national teams of the lower age groups. At the beginning of 2019, our U20 National Team won the bronze medal in the 3rd Class World Championship, and ice hockey was on the agenda. The best player of the tournament standings at the summit in Turkey ranks Hakan Salt from the national team. You should never miss the opportunity to try ice hockey, which is very enjoyable to watch and perform with its non-stop action, speed and occasional hard fights.

Skeleton, bobsled, bandy and others … In winter it is easier to reach the peaks of adrenaline on ice or snow. Here you can get all the equipment you need to get acquainted with the winter sport of interest by accessing the Hepsiburada’s Winter Sports page.